December 19, 2016


If you want to become successful, I mean if you want rapid success in life then you should make your world successful. You should get rid of the habits that are not helping you. You should cut the people that are not useful and are only making you slow. Have no conscience in getting rid of those useless people because they will not even help you when you are down, they were only good if they can get something from you.

You have to make your world a little bit boring and small. You should engage in a very few hobbies so you will be able to utilize your time for your main goal.

Trying to become so adventurous will only make your schedule very difficult. You will have a very hard time balancing your time. So it is better to just commit to at least 2-3 hobbies and then use all of your remaining time for pursuing your goal.

Cut all the friendships that are not healthy, it is not bad to do that. Why will you stay in a relationship that gives you a burden? Why will you give time for people who are not deserving? It is better to have a small circle that is sincere and true than to have a lot of fake friends who were just using you. Don't invest too much with people who will not return the love that you are willing to give.

Having a small world will give you a lot of control, you will have more time and you can focus more on better things. You can give your hobbies, friends and love ones enough attention because your time is not divided to a lot of parts.

Your extra resources will also be maximized because small number of people will use it.

Having a big world is chaos. You will have a lot of fake friends. You will have hobbies that you will never be good at because you can only give lesser time for them. You will always have to choose where will you spend your little extra time and money. You will not be able to take care all of them.

Having a small world is the most effective technique to have a harmonious life. You will never panic, you will never be pressured. You will have less obligations and you will be able to give them enough attention that they needed.

So the best thing to do is to pick all the things, hobbies and people that matters to you the most and give them the time, love and attention they needed. Remove all the parasites, things or business that are just giving you stress. Even your hobbies can give you stress so you better remove some of it.

Small world is easier, small world will give you more happiness. Your life will become simple and synchronized. You don't need to always make a choice. There will be lesser conflicts and success can be felt by everyone because you will have enough extra resources to share with them.


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