December 08, 2016


Always checking for results and not getting it is really frustrating. It will make you unmotivated, it will make you think that you have to stop and do some other things. It will make quitting as an option. Well, this is normal, how will you become motivated if you are not seeing any results? but how will you get results if you will not keep on taking the process?

You can't escape the process, there are no shortcuts here. You need to take massive actions, sometimes forever to become successful.

So what you need to do to keep your momentum going is to make the process your goal. Your goal should be taking actions and not the results itself.

If you wanted to become rich, your goal should not be about getting the money, it should be taking the steps to get the money. You should learn how to work super hard, that should be your goal. The process of making big money should be your goal. You should focus on taking the steps and not about taking the money itself.

If you wanted to become an MVP in a specific sport. Your goal should be doing the steps to become and MVP and not the trophy itself. What does an MVP do? it is practicing everyday, getting better everyday, being the last person in the gym, sacrificing a lot to win. Those are the things that you should place your focus on. Don't focus on being an MVP because if you don't get it, you will stop working and practicing. You will get frustrated and frustration leads to quitting.

Taking steps should be your goal, it should be your goal everyday. Once you take the steps, once you finish the process for the day... be happy because it means you are already successful. You already succeeded when you do the process because that process will lead you to success. You just need to wait for your time and be patient. Be relentless in working and never mind being tired.

If you keep on doing the process everday then you are successful everyday, unlike focusing on the trophy and other rewards... if you don't get it you will feel like a loser. The winning mentality will not be developed. But if the process is your goal, not only you are winning everyday once you finished doing it, you are also making yourself better. You are hitting two birds in one stone. This kind of mindset is great.

That is why a lot of people cannot get what they want, they were so impatient. They want to get it right away and they already forgot to do the process to get there.

If you are injured and you want to get healed... don't see yourself healing right away. Don't wish for the pain to go right away. Your goal should be about taking care of yourself and doing the steps how to feel a little bit better everyday. Because if you will force yourself to heal fast... your injury will only get worse. That is why a lot of injured players cannot escape their injuries, they want to become 100 percent healed without doing the steps to recover completely.

Process should be the goal, this is the fastest way and surest way to succeed. The trophies and money and fame are just bonuses for the work that you put in. For sure those things will come, you just need to put a lot of effort and be patient while getting better and winning everyday.

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