December 07, 2016


If you want to have an easier and happier life, you must be careful with the people who you associate yourself with. There are some people in your circle that you don't know is helping you. You think they are helping but the reality is they are drilling the hole in your ship. They are slowly making your life harder and stressful.

You must know very well the people in your circle and be attentive so that you can become successful fast and have a life that is more enjoyable and less toxic. Because what some people does is play as a parasite in your life, they will suck all of your energy until you find yourself looking like a loser. Some people will act as weeds in your plant and will slowly kill it.

Here are the list of kinds of people that you must avoid, if you know a person like this in your circle, try to eliminate him as fast as you can before it's too late and you don't have the power to do it anymore.

1. Needy. These are types of people who needs a lot. They were so independent and they cannot live without your presence, They cannot even decide for themselves. The cannot make their own judgement, they don't know what to do with their lives. Stay away form these type of people because they will eat a lot of your time and resources. They will even make you feel guilty if you didn't grant some of their wishes.

2. Users. Some people are just good when they needed something from you, they will not give you attention once they don't need you for the moment. These type of people will only make you feel bad and less important. Your value for yourself will become smaller because of the way they treated you. They can even control you once they feel that you are so kind and submissive. Stay away from users or else you will have a very ugly life. You will be manipulated, you will be forced to do what you don't want to do just to grant the user's wish.

3. People with no dreams. Stay away from people without dreams because their lives has no direction. They will pull you down with their actions. All of their decisions were bum decisions. They don't know what to do with their lives and there is a tendency that you may copy their attitudes and beliefs. Stay away from them because you will not learn anything from them other than self destruction, self pity and making dramas. Associate yourself with dreamers so you will become motivated to pursue your own dream.

4. People who have no work. People who have no work have no money, if you associate your life with them then you will be the one who will pay their expenses. You will become a cash cow for them. You will always pay for the food, travel expenses etc. You will not be able to enjoy your life more because you will have a liability and that will take away the better options in life. For example, if you are planning to watch a concert, if you want to sit in a closer position from the performer you will not be able to do that because you will buy two tickets instead of one. Disassociate yourself from people who have no work because they are only making your life difficult.

5. People who always complain. Your peace of mind will be in danger if there is a negative person in your circle who always complain. You will become irritated, you will hear a lot of negativity instead of appreciation. It is hard to live a life with someone who always complain because they will always find faults even on smaller things. Even if the situation is already good, they will still infused some negativity that will just ruin your day. For example, if you are eating i a restaurant, even if the food tastes good, they will still complain about the service, the water etc. Stay away from people who complains a lot if you don't want to live a negative life.

6. People who can't keep commitments. Has it ever happened to you when you have to meet someone because you have an activity to do and then you will receive a text that he can't come? it sucks right? you are dressed well, you are ready to go and then the meeting will be cancelled. You will feel mad because your time has been wasted, your preparation has been destroyed. So never give time to people who can't keep their promise, you will just have a bad day every now and then.

7. People who never return the money borrowed. You will become poor if you have a person in your circle that borrows money and never returns it. Stay away from people who has a lot of money problems because they will share their problems with you. You will have a hard time getting your money back, sometimes you will even have to get mad just to get your money back which is not healthy. You will be stressed of thinking if your money will still return.  

8. Backstabbers. When you are talking to them they are nice but when you are not around they will laugh at you. It is easy to detect a backstabber. You will find it out in the end. Once you detect one, immediately get rid of that guy because he is pulling you down.

The truth is some of your friends will hurt you, some of them will treat you bad. There is no such things as a perfect friend but always see to it that you are keeping friends who are worth keeping, friends who will stay with you in the end.

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