December 07, 2016


If you are too lazy to do something this is the best way on how to start... just step on it. Step on it and start doing it, no more thinking, no more excuses. Just do it even if you feel bad, just move even if you feel so lazy. That is the only way to beat laziness, stepping right away and just moving without letting your thoughts stop you.

If you want to exercise and you feel so lazy, you feel that there is a big rock in your back and you can't even stand. The solution is very simple, just step on your treadmill or step outside. Just make the first step and forget about feeling something, forget about feeling heavy or lazy. Just step on it and put yourself in an auto pilot mode. Just keep on walking or running and you will see that minutes have passed and you were already sweating. Just step on the gym and lift any weights that you can see. Forget about the process, forget about the progress, just step on it.

If you're late in your class and you are so scared in your professor, you are so scared because you don't know what is happening anymore, just step inside, step on your class and pretend that you are there for a reason. Just pretend that you want to learn. Never mind if your professor embarrass you, never mind if you get scolded, just step on it and take the class.

If you are so scared to step on a boutique because you think that the prices of the items were high, you know what to do again... just step inside, step on it. Forget about the sales lady or sales men who feels like they are richer than you. Forget about those eyes looking at you, just step on it and see what is inside, see if there is an item that you can buy and buy it. If the price is high then just leave. Well at least you know what is in there and you also conquered your fears.

If you are so scared to go back to your home because you already broke the curfew... just step on your house, your mom will get madder if you spend more time outside of your house thinking about what excuse to use. Just step on it, step inside of your home and face the consequences. The madness of your mom will soon be over, just absorb those nasty words that she will tell you, face the punishment because you deserve it. Your suffering will be faster if you will face it right away. It is better to face the pain and little by little serve your punishment rather than postponing it and make the problem bigger.

Life is all about stepping up, it is all about facing it and putting your position for progress. If you will not make the first move then you will not get anything. Your life will become very miserable, you will wonder everyday what could have happen if you just take actions.

Step on the place where you need to step and take actions, don't hide from it, don't stay away from it, step on it and let things happen. Do it now, take the first step now!

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