December 06, 2016


If you wanted to become great at something or let's say become successful but you don't know what to do, you don't know and when to start. The solution for that is very simple... just look around, observe and find what is interesting to you the most and copy it. Copy it and become better at it. Work harder than the original, become better than the original. That is what most business do nowadays... they disrupt something and become more successful. 

You have to find an idea, a hobby or a business that you think will make you do it forever. A concept that will make you very happy while doing it then find someone who is successful at it and copy his work. Become an imitator at first so you can have a starting point. Don't be afraid to imitate and be labeled as an imitator. Remember that your goal is to start something and be great at it. So start copying someone else' style first and once you get better and you know the process then it is time for you to create your own style or add a different flavor.  

There is s cellphone company who copied the other cellphone company's idea. It copies everything, it just add some little features. The imitator become successful and the original becomes a whiner. The original files a case against the copier but nothing happened because there is a slight difference with the original. 

So the idea here is just copy something that you love and tweak it a little bit once you get better at it. Work harder and produce more. Produce more outputs and never stop working until you become better than the original. Always outwork the original so you will become better than the original and you can say to yourself that you're not just an ordinary copycat. You are also something special that wants to thrive on your own way. 

There is nothing wrong in getting some ideas from others. Everybody does it. Everyone gets inspiration from others. An artist cannot become an artist if he is not inspired by somebody else' work. You need an inspiration to start, you need an outline to get started. Don't be afraid to imitate because it is the starting point of your journey. 

The truth is nobody will teach you how to do things, no one will show you the step by step process on how to become successful without any money involved. So it is better to do it yourself by looking at someone's work and copying the steps on how to do it. Repeat it everyday, add some steps if you can, improvise if you already have the knowledge, make your own steps if you are confident enough to do it and you already have the experience to expose your own outputs. 

Always remember to outwork the original and add a little touch of your own idea. It is like you are copying the original and you will add your original ideas so that you will produce a brand new and original output. 

Look at some shoe companies who copied work from other companies. They will just change it a little bit, add their own flavor and boom... they produce another good one. Same quality, same price but different look.

So if you wanted to reach some level of success... copy the work ethic of your idol, copy someone's habits and you can also reach the same level of success as theirs. You will even become better if you will work harder, believe stronger and endure longer. Don't be afraid to copy, don't be afraid to become successful too.

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