December 31, 2016


Your emotions doesn't matter anymore. Dramatic actors who wants everything but doesn't want to take actions were broke and failure nowadays. People who complain a lot and whine a lot  cannot get any attention from people because they were already exposed. The public knows their hidden agenda from acting like a victim, people already know that they needed something that is why they were acting that way.

People don't care if you feel bad, sick or if you have a fever. It doesn't even matter if you have an LBM or something. You still need to take actions to become successful. You still need to move if you want to stay on top of your game, you need to work if you want to have a long and healthy career. There is no other choice, dramas will never save you, it will only make you look worse. You will look like a weak piece of shit that needs to be clean off.

There will be days when you will really feel bad. You're just a human being, you are not a cyborg nor a super hero. You will also feel weak, even if you don't talk about it, you will really feel it. Fatigue will start to kick in if you're working for a very long time. But the difference between a successful person and not is a successful person will never talk about his emotions, he will not talk about how he feels. Even if he really feels bad, he will never make excuses, he will keep on taking actions until his job is finished. A failure always talk about how tired he is, how difficult his job is blah blah blah. Even if the pain is only small... he will make it as an excuse not to show up, he will tell it to a lot of people so he will never be forced to work hard.

So if you are feeling bad but you still wanted to work... just work. Take it slow. Just stay calm and keep on taking actions. Even if you feel sleepy, even if you really feel bad because you have a fever... just keep on taking actions until you find your momentum. You will feel better once you are doing a lot. Again, you don't need to get fast, all you need is to stay calm and keep pushing forward. Because once you feel angry, once you feel frustrated... that is the time when quitting is bound to happen. You would love to go home and rest. But what if you really needed to finish something? Just relax and make one step at a time . No need to rush, you just need to move your hands or feet and make the necessary steps to finish your assignment. Don't think too much, don't worry, just take it slow, make gradual progress and soon you will see that you've already done a lot. Being relaxed will give you peace, it will put you in the right frame of mind to accept your situation and make a move despite of not feeling well.

Because that is what successful people does, they still make actions despite of feeling something bad. They don't care about how they feel, all they care is making a progress and forging some results. It doesn't matter if they are producing poor results, all they want is to make some results. If you are slow so be it, if you can't work at your best so be it. Accept that you are weak at the moment because it is just a matter of time before you regain your natural strength again. The only thing that matters is you never lose your momentum and you never miss a single day working for your dreams.


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