December 20, 2016


If you are always looking to shortcut your work, you will never succeed. You are just fooling yourself if you think that shortcuts can give you glory. You better stop working because you will never reach the finish line, you are just wasting your precious time.

Shortcuts are for lazy people, they want to get the rewards so fast but they don't want to take the work. You have to work for longer hours if you want to become a big time. You can't cut corners because you will only fell short in the end.

Look at those bank robbers, they want to become rich fast and where did they end up? it is either they got killed or they end up in jail. The regret is in the end when they can't do anything about it anymore.

No one becomes rich through shortcuts. Winning the lottery is a different story, and what percentage will you have for being rich if you will rely on lottery? I think .0000000001 percent. You are one in a zillion if you are about to win the lottery. It is more difficult than impossible.

The best way to create fortune is through hardwork and dedication  and nothing else. A lot of people doesn't want to believe it because they simply doesn't want to work. They want an easier route that never exist. They believe that one hit wonder exists but where is it? they cannot find it, they cannot even see its shadow.

You cannot escape long hours of work if you want to become successful, no matter how many times you reverse the world... you will never find a shortcut.

So if you can never escape long hours of work, the best thing to do is find something that makes you work longer. Find a method or a technique that will make you enjoy what you are doing. Find something that will make your time fly and you won't even notice that it is already the end of the year.

Let's say you're an office worker and you hate your work because you've already been repeating it for ten years, the best way to stay in your work is to find a process that will make you enjoy it. Find something that will bring back the passion again. One suggestion is through music, record your best mp3 in your cellphone and listen to it while working, It will work for sure, I just don't know how long. For sure it will motivate you, the only question is until when the magic of music going to last?

Another way to motivate you in work is to save your money and put it into something that will give you another money, in other words put it in business. If you can't find the progress in your work then you can use it to create another progress. If there is no growth in your work, use it to make your business grow. As simple as that. If you are being challenged, if you can see progress then you will become motivated again.

So if you are building your muscles... you need to lift weights for a very long time. The best thing to stay in the gym for so long is to just do the things that you love. Do it over and over again until you become successful. Just find 2 or three programs that you really love and stick with it. Forget the instructors, forget the muscle gurus. Just do your thing and you can become successful with it. Remember that you need to work for longer hours so why will you do something that is boring and will make you quit in the middle of your process? Just find something that will make you work longer. This technique can be applied in everything, look for something that you love and do it forever until you see the results.


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