December 06, 2016


You will not become free if you have an image to protect. You can build a self image but never try to preserve it. You can use your self image to make you thrive but don't use it to make your life harder, what do I mean by this? You can project a self image, let's the self image that you choose is being rich, you need to live it and be congruent with it. You need to work hard, earn a lot of money, cut your liabilities and do what most rich people do which is continuous growth of your financial status.

But don't ever protect your image, if people were very familiar that you looks so rich because you've been wearing expensive clothes and eating on an expensive restaurant... If there comes a time where you need to make adjustments because your business is not doing well or let's say you are affected by recession, you need to make adjustments a little bit. You need to learn how to adapt with the situation. If you need to cut your expenses to make your life better then do it. Don't be afraid that your self image will be degraded. Don't be afraid to eat on fast foods and wear cheaper clothes. Don't be afraid that people will notice that your lifestyle is going down a little bit. Never protect your self image because you will not have a lot of freedom to do things if you protect it.

If you are used to using your car everyday and then one day you suddenly lost it because the bank gets it because you can't pay the monthly payment... don't be afraid to walk. Don't be afraid that people will see you walking. It's not a big deal, don't protect your self image of always looking cool with your car. It is nothing, everyone can become broke, you're just a human.

The lesson here is if you create your self image, try to maintain it but don't get attached with it. If it comes a time when you need to do something that is out of your comfort zone, be ready to do it. If you don't want to take low paying jobs because you're a CEO before, if that is the only available job and you badly needed some money, take it. Eat your pride because having pride that is not in the proper place will make your life even worse.

If you're an MVP before and now your coach wants you to take the bench role because your style of playing has degraded... be ready to take that role. It doesn't matter if you're an MVP before, that was past. You are weak now so be ready to take lower roles. Stop acting like you're still the MVP and you have an image to protect. If you will always think about your self image then it will be harder for you to accept the reality.

Always be ready to destroy your image so you can do more things, be ready to change your image because adaptability is the skill that you must develop to have an easier life. If you can adapt to any situation and not being shy about what people say then you will have an easier life. You can do things that you don't usually do.

Self image is nothing but an illusion that you give yourself. It is a form of pride that you use to make your life harder. If you are ok with anything that people say, if you can accept any situation then you can manage to improve your life easier if you are down. You will be able to take more risk and explore other possibilities.

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