December 22, 2016


Any person can share his own idea and information but not everyone can get it.

So if you are listening to somebody and you can't get what he means... don't feel bad, don't think of yourself as slow or dumb. It simply means you don't resonate with his idea, you are not attracted with it that is why you can't get it. Every idea is not for you and you should be ok with it. That is why if there is someone discussing something in front of you, sometimes you get bored and you wanted to sleep. It is simply because you are not interested of what is being discuss.

So don't blame pupils who are not good in algebra or calculus. They are not weak or stupid, they just don't like it and they something else on their minds. I am not saying that just let them be, still find a way how to make them interested.

So if you find yourself being bored in the topic that is being discussed, it simply means you don't like it so you better find a way how to find other things that will make you engage.

There is a designated information or idea for you. You will find what you really love if you are looking for it. Just explore different things and situations so you will be able to discover what is meant for you. And once you find it, get a hold of it and become the best at it

You don't need to force yourself to like something. If the crowd loves cars and the most detailed information about it, you don't need to join them because you will only get lost. You will force yourself to look knowledgeable even if you don't like the information about it. Getting an information needs to be natural and unconditional. Don't study something just for the sake of looking cool and genius.

So if you don't like something and you don'r resonate with it... let it go, as simple as that. You don't need to look like others You need to be yourself and do the things that you really like. The ideas for you are waiting, the perfect hobby is ready for you. So don't be scared if people are ahead of you. Don't be scared if you don't know what they know because it only means it is not for you.

If it is meant for you and you really like it then you will have the courage and patience to know it. You will find it yourself no matter what. You will take the steps to gain some knowledge even if the knowledge that you will gain is very little.

Be observant of how you feel about something, once you feel good about it and you are always thinking about it everyday then that is the right thing for you. You should act right away how to know it and improve your skills about it. It is just a matter of finding the connection about something. If you feel connected, if you feel inspired then you already find what is right for you.


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