December 06, 2016


You don't have an insomnia or something, you don't need to drink sleeping pills or inject some substance that will calm you. Throw the tranquilizers off the window and never use it again. If you can't sleep then it means you have to do something, something productive and will inspire people. Something that will give you success. Something that will give you fortune, fame and money.

So you better stand up now and do something, do what your heart tells you to do so. Start right away and follow trough until you become successful. Just open your eyes to the fullest, move your feet and start creating.

Because what is happening to you the moment is connected to the future. If you can't sleep then it means success is waiting for you so you need to take actions to become successful. Success is summoning you, success is calling you so you better stand up right away and find something to do that is related to your goal.

It is not that you are tired and you are stressed that is why you can't sleep. It is not that you are thinking so much that is why you can't sleep. The only meaning of you not being able to sleep is you need to take actions. You need to manufacture momentum, you need to start pursuing your dreams and take the necessary steps to become one step closer from it.

It doesn't matter if you are tired or not, it doesn't matter if it is too late and you still have some important things to do tomorrow, it doesn't matter if you have office work tomorrow. If you can't sleep then you need to move as simple as that.

If you are sleepy but you cannot sleep, it means you have to force yourself to take actions and put your self in a better position. Even if you feel so weak, you still need to make a move. Pain doesn't count, the only thing that counts is your actions, your process and your hungriness to do work despite of feeling bad.

So drink some coffee or redbull or whatever weird energy drink that is available in order to eliminate the sleepiness completely. Start strong and finish fast, use all of your strength to forge a progress. Never stop until you are really tired and you can't move anymore. That is how to live your life, that is how to pursue a goal.

After all, you can sleep forever if you were already dead so don't waste a lot of your time in this world for sleeping. Be productive and be creative. Do something that will make you better, do something that will bring you one step closer to success. Every movement creates improvement, every process creates progress.

It is in your hands if you wanted to become successful or not, you can decide if you want to go back to sleep or take one more step to give you an advantage. The decision is yours, every action is the right decision.

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