December 22, 2016


Life is very simple, you just need to be willing to put in the work so you can control everything. You don't need to be scared anymore if you are willing to work because people will find you, you will find them. You don't have to worry anymore.

So if your company is threatening you that you will get fired if you didn't work for free overtime... don't be scared. If you are willing to look for another work, if you are not scared to look for another company then don't be scared. Never follow them, do what is acceptable... just work only if you will get paid.

You must believe yourself, you must believe your different body parts. If you can talk, if you can walk, if you can read and write and understand simple instructions and follow it... congratulations! you can do anything. You can find any work and do it.

It is a matter of questioning yourself if you can still move or not. If you can't move anymore and understand basic instructions then goodluck to you. But if you are willing to suffer again and do the same process again, then why will you be scared?

There is nothing to worry if you can take actions, because it is all that matters in this world. If you can take some punishment and still make actions despite of feeling bad then you are fine, you can sleep in peace without having to worry what will happen tomorrow.

Dale Carnegie (one of the richest person in the world) has said before "take away everything we have, we can still build it again". And it is true, if you are not afraid to build something again then you will never be scared of anything anymore.

Taking actions should be your focus, moving fast and not being emotional should be the skill that you must develop.

Don't look for intelligence, don't look for talents. Just develop an ability of being able to move fast and make progress. Trust me, there are even self proclaimed geniuses that cannot even do the first step, they feel they were great but they cannot even make simple results. They cannot even stick with the process for a very long time.

It is not about how good you are, it is about how tough you are. If you are willing to endure numerous tests and challenges, if you can bring your faith back to your system after experiencing a heartbreak then you are special.

So if your company closes, if your boss fired you, if you are traded to another team... don't feel disappointed nor feel downhearted. Put a smirk on your face and silently tell yourself: "you think you can make me feel bad huh? I am still standing, I can still move, I can still work, I am fine, nothing can break me"

Your ability to work is your foundation, no need for connections, no need for help or politics. It is your willingness to make an effort and put yourself in a better position again that will give you confidence and a feeling of invincibility.

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