December 07, 2016


The lesson in life is not to look for attention from people. You must let the attention come naturally or else you will only feel bad or you will be disappointed most of the times. You don't need to seek for attention if you are giving plenty of attention for yourself. Instead of asking for attention from people why don't you give full attention to yourself. Make yourself great, make yourself valuable and you will see that people will give attention to you.

Look at those people who always make comments on you tube or some kind of a blog. They will make comments, a very long comment about the post because they wanted to talk to the owner of the channel or a blog. They will make very long story just to engage a discussion but the respond will be very little. The respond is something like these: "cool", "great", "thank you", "awesome" and any other single words that doesn't even make them happy. The words are respectful but the meaning behind it is not. It feels like you wanted to make a conversation but the respond sounds like you are not important or they are too busy to talk to you. It feels bad right? that is what you get for seeking for an attention from people.

Another example is a die hard fan trying to get an autograph from his idol. He will fall in line for hours just to get a signature and when it is his time to get the autograph... he will say something to his idol but his idol will not even look at him or say thank you. He will say how much he love his idol and that he is very happy to see him but his idol won't even smile, the autograph was even a shortcut. It seems like it is not the real autograph. How sad was that? the funny thing is he will still support his idol even if he was treated bad.

In life, if you always look for attention... the attention that will be given to you will only be little. It is simply because you look like you are begging, you don't have an abundant mindset. You must not seek attention from others because you don't need it. You will only feel bad if you are mistreated. The better thing to do is do something for yourself. Work hard, become passionate at something and build your own fan base. You don't need to beg from someone's attention because that kind of mindset is weak. Your happiness will be based on someone's reaction and that is not healthy. It means you are getting strength from someone and you cannot create happiness for yourself.

So stop seeking for attention now, just be happy being you and be ok if you are not getting attention from people. If you are natural, if you are being yourself, if you are focusing on your own passion instead of passion of others then you will be fine. You will be happy for yourself and you don't need to beg for reactions anymore.

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