December 27, 2016


Beauty is not about how you look, it is bout how you feel. If you are not insecure, if you are natural and you are not afraid to express yourself and your style... then you're already beautiful. Beauty is not about impression, it is about expression. You can become more beautiful if you are not trying hard and doing stupid things to become beautiful. You just make yourself free. You give yourself the authority to become beautiful. You just accept yourself, accept that you have flaws, scars, pimples, ugly teeth or anything that makes you feel ugly. You need to accept all of your ugly attributes and be happy with it. You don't need to hide it, you don't need to feel ashamed with it. Expose it and be proud of it. That is the best way to look beautiful... being fearless regardless of what people might say. 

If you can accept that you are not perfect and you are simply being yourself then people will notice you. If you can become totally true to yourself and your feelings then you will be able to release a very unique energy that will impress people. You don't need to impress them, they will be impressed naturally without forcing anything or doing some attention-grabbing acts. 

A lot of supermodels were very pretty but they can't accept themselves. They always feel that they have to change something on their looks so they will look prettier. They were not satisfied of how they look and they were so focus on the ugly parts of their faces instead of appreciating what they have. The result is insecurity, they always feel that someone is prettier than them. They always compare that is why they can't be happy with their beautiful faces. 

You're already beautiful the way you are, you don't need to change anything. Just feel happy with your looks and people will be attracted to you. 

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