December 17, 2016


A lot of people were so attracted with the term "a path of least resistance", it is simply because they want an easy life. They thought that there is a way on how to become rich or successful without having to exert an effort. But that is not how it works. You still have to work a lot and wait for results to come out. It is not about lying on your couch all day long and wait for riches to come to you. You will only grow old being broke by doing that.

If your purpose for finding the path of least resistance is to not work anymore and become successful then you're on the wrong path already. There is no such thing as something for nothing, You have to invest in order to harvest. In other words, action should still be your focus and not the rewards.

And even if you already found the path of least resistance, you still need to work. The only difference is you don't resist yourself for working, you don't think about having a hard time to start or do the steps. You feel light and you can work all day long.

The path of least resistance means love for the process, it is enjoying every movement and actions that you did. For example in lifting heavy weights... there are thousands of gurus out there that will teach you how to lift weights properly. They will show what is the "so called" proper way. But if you don't love what they are teaching then those techniques will not work for you. It only means you have to discover the path of least resistance your way and not other people's way. You must invent your own technique and use it to your advantage.

Again, it doesn't mean that the path of least resistance will be very easy. You will still feel hardship but the only difference is, you love what is going on. You love doing what you are doing even if it is a little bit hard and you feel that you can do it everyday, forever.

If you wanted to become a singer, let's say a popular singer. Of course you have to work very hard for your voice. But the path of least resistance in singing is singing the songs that you really love so you will always feel good. If you will sing some songs just for the sake of entertaining everyone then that is not the path of least resistance. That is the path of pleasing everybody and following their requests just to get some money.

The key here is to choose the most effective method that you can find and stick with it forever until you become successful. Every path is the right path for as long as you are seeing improvement ad happiness. You can't be wrong if you are enjoying your method and you are seeing a little bit progress. The one that produces results and happiness is the real path of least resistance.

They say that businessmen are richer than an ordinary employee. Yes, it maybe true but not for all cases. There are some businessmen who were broke as fuck because they can't see the most enjoyable process that is working. They keep on changing business every now and then because they can't figure out what seems to work out. There are some ordinary employees who were richer than a businessman because they figure out what works for them in creating money. They found what they love and they don't need to establish a business anymore to become rich.

You will still feel some pain. Always remember this, the path of least resistance is not a walk in the park type of path. You will still feel some pain but you will be bale to endure it because you love what you are doing and you can stick to the process forever.

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