December 20, 2016


You feel bad because you're always looking for more, you feel you've been treated unfairly because you compare what is yours with others.

This article is a revelation to you. The truth is, you can still feel good by having less, and also the word "less" will become unreal if you will learn how to appreciate what you have and think of it as more. You can feel abundant even if you have small numbers. If you can appreciate your less then it will become more, you will feel more and have more.

It is all about how you feel with what you have. A lot of people have more but they can't appreciate it so they feel they have less. It is all about looking at your own numbers and stop comparing it with others. Your less will become lesser because you see others having more.

If you think that you have less foods on your table, you can feel good about it if you will appreciate its taste, being happy biting those foods, feeling it filling your hungry stomach, enjoying every bit if it until you are done. You will feel so happy because you really taste your food and you didn't rush every second eating it. It is all about making the most out of what you have.

Did it happen to you where you have a lot of food on your table but you can't appreciate some of it because you are rushing to eat all of them? You have a lot of choices that is why you are taking some foods for granted. You will just throw away some of the leftovers even though it is still good for one meal.

This happens to a lot of people, they have more but they can't appreciate what they have. They still compare themselves to others that is why they never get satisfied. I don't know what are they being jealous about because they already have a lot.

You can define your own happiness, numbers has nothing to do with how you feel. If you feel happy with having less then you already have an awesome life.

So if your coach is giving you small playing time, be happy with it, it is up to you how to use that playing time. You can even score a lot or make a lot with the little time that you have. It is how you enjoy playing the game and using all of your skills. Some players can even play the whole game but can't even do the right thing.

Same as your life, regardless of how long or short it is, you should enjoy it and use it to the fullest. Never get caught with petty things that won't even make you happier. Use every second to become happy, let happiness come into your life by appreciation and creation.

The key here is to not look at other people's lives. Don't get jealous if they have more, it is about how you feel and not how they feel. Embrace the numbers you have and appreciate and use it to the fullest.

The conclusion is be happy with any kind of numbers that you have. May it be about money, love, things or food. You should feel really happy and appreciative so you will feel you have a lot. It is all about tricking your mind. And more things will come to you if you feel blessed, more opportunities will be attracted to you because positive attracts positive. The more you feel happier, the more you will become abundant.


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