December 05, 2016


A lot of people wants to be happy, they want to be forever happy or be happy in an instant. The truth about happiness is that is comes out naturally. The more appreciative you are, the happier you will be. The more you look for happiness, the more it will become elusive.

In life there will be times when you will experience sadness and that is normal. Even if you don't have problems you will feel sad for unknown reasons, maybe that is just the way our life was built... It is a roller coaster of emotions.

So if you are feeling sad at the moment, it means you need to move, it means you need to work. If you got bored watching tv the whole day, if you feel sad after watching a couple of episodes about zombies and vampires, it means you need to do something. It means you need to flex your muscles and do something productive. You need to work and sweat a little bit, just run for a few kilometers, do push ups or situps. I assure you after doing those things you will feel relieved, you will feel light and truly happy because the sure way of getting happiness is through working for it.

Look at those people who really work hard for something, after finishing their work and even if they are tired they still feel happy. It is imply because they found joy in their work, that is why you should only work for a company that you like or do the work that you really like because that is the best way to find happiness. A lot of people were stressed because they are not excited to go to their work. They will blame traffic, the people around them that is why they are so stressed and not happy. But the truth is they just don't want to work. And if you don't want to work then you won't be able to find happiness, as simple as that.

How about those people who are working for something that they love, even if they only have low salary, it feels like they are not getting tired. They were very happy everyday. They look relentless and it seems like they can work 24 hours a day. Their work gives them happiness, their work is like a play, they were so much having fun.

So if your relationship with your partner is getting cold, it means you have to work. You have to do something to bring that fire back. If both of you will not talk, if both of you will just stay quiet then there is a tendency that your relationship will die forever. You have to revive it, you have to find the spark. A simple flowers and chocolates or doing some homemade card and giving it to your partner will ignite the fire in your relationship.You have to work in order to keep your relationship, you have to find something that will work and will give both of you happiness. Happiness is a work, relationship is a work, do something to become happy. You can work overtime and earn extra income so you can bring your partner to different places and spend your second or third honeymoon there. You can search on the internet and find tips that can bring the hotness back in your relationship again, you can't just sit there and hope for everything to go back to normal, you need to work so you can become happy again.

Because if you work then you can find happiness for sure. If you are a stagnant and complacent individual then for sure your life will become miserable. You have to work to create progress, you have to work to receive happiness.

Work creates happiness, work will give you the emotions that you need.

If you're a broke son of a bitch and completely depressed, the answer to your life s very simple... just work. Work to have money to buy the things that you need, work to have a direction in life, very simple yet people doesn't want to do it. They will make a lot of excuses but the truth is, they just don't want to work.

If your're excuse is you can't find a work, that is a pretty dumb excuse. Finding a work is already a work, finding a work will also give you happiness if you think positively. Looking for work will give you happiness than just completely sitting in your sofa, watching tv and making a lot of dramas. Finding a work, even if you are not earning money yet will give you instant happiness because you will feel that you are in the right path, you will feel that you are headed into a right direction. So keep in mind that if you are finding a work, you are already working, you are already being happy.

So do something in your situation if you are sad and you will become happy instantly. Make a move, do something positive, make little steps and forge a momentum. Progress equals happiness, if you are taking some actions then you have the right to have some expectations.

Look at those obese people who just keep on eating and eating, do you think they are happy with their situation? definitely not. Yeah, they found pleasure in eating but that was just a temporary pleasure and a few seconds of fake happiness. When they are done eating, they will feel bad again. They will hate themselves again and look for something to eat again even if they were already full. They can't find the happiness in their lives because they are not working. Even if they are rich, they are not satisfied and they are looking for something to make them happy. Their happiness is based on outside world and not on their inside world. Unlike a poor marathon guy who keeps on running and running, you will see that he is very happy. He is happy because his body is moving, his mind and system are properly working. He keeps on moving that is why his happiness is unlimited. Especially if he finishes a marathon, his happiness and progress keeps on growing and growing everyday. He knew that happiness is a work and he needs to work for it.

Another example is a player benched on a basketball team, yes his team maybe winning and he is earning some pretty decent money but deep inside he is sad because he cannot even use his talents. Unlike a guy who is playing a lot, even if his team is losing and he is not gaining popularity or whatever, he is still happy because he is working and moving, he was able to showcase his skills and that for me is pure and true happiness. Being able to express yourself, use your body and make a movement is true happiness. If you are working you are smiling.

Happiness is a work that is why a lot of successful people, even if they have a lot of money already and they don't need to work anymore... they still work because it gives them happiness. Just sitting around and doing nothing will make you crazy, it will make your body and mind rusty, it will make you weak. So stand up and do something if you want to become happy.

So if you want to achieve a long lasting happiness, never stop moving, always stay with the process. Always look for something to create. Do something positively and make small progress everyday, always work and never get complacent. Movement will create solutions, work will create positive emotions.

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