December 18, 2016


There are four bad habits that are stopping you from succeeding. You just don't know that you have these habits because you thought you are doing the right thing. I am here to remind you about these bad habits, if you have one or more of these... you better reevaluate yourself and examine your life completely because if you can't force yourself to stop these bad habits, you are in a bad spot my friend, wake up and turn things around. REVERSE THE COURSE!

1. Constantly comparing yourself to others - why will you compare yourself to others? you have your own skill, you are different, you too can do amazing things. Stop comparing yourself to others because there is no point in doing that. Just be yourself, keep working hard and forge a result on your own. Become the best that you can be and don't get jealous if someone is doing better than you. You will have your time if you stick with the process that at least bring a little result. Stop comparing because it will stop you from working especially if you see that the other person is getting more progress than you. Just focus on becoming better everyday and you will be alright. Be patient and trust your own timing.

2. Constantly looking for results - If you are always looking for results then you will never stick with the process if you are not seeing any progress. If you will always look for rewards after working hard for just a few days then it only means you don't love what you are doing. Doing what you love is already a reward. The awards, money and fame are just bonuses. You will become successful if you will stick with the process forever. Some people will stop after they became a little successful and that kind of attitude leads them to failure.

3. Working little and resting more - A lot of people have the tendency to work a little and rest for so long. They thought that after working for a few hours then they were already entitled to ask for what they want. They feel that they were already deserving. If you really want to become successful you must be willing to sacrifice sleep and rest. You must be willing to get super tired because success will only give attention to people who really deserves it and work for it. Don't fall in love with rest because if you do that, success will fall out of love with you.

4. Being proud with little success. - A lot of people will already stop after tasting a little success. They will stop working hard, they will be satisfied of the little achievement that they get. And that kind of approach stops them from reaching another level. They will slowly go back to the bottom and they won't be able to come back anymore because they already stopped the habits that made them a little successful.


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