December 29, 2016


Failure is like an ice cream melting. The more you do stupid things in life, the more your ice cream will melt. You keep on licking it because you are so in love with your vices, procrastination and bullshits. You feel comfortable because you are not doing anything, you keep on doing what is fun. You keep on licking your ice cream and it keeps on melting.

The more you lick it, the more your life is melting and going down. Your chances were evaporating. You don't know what to do anymore because your ice cream will be gone in a moment. But just because doing what is fun is easy, even though it is not contributing something to your life... you will continue licking your ice cream. You will never stop until your life is over.

And that is what failure is... it is addictive, you think you hate your life but the truth is you love it. You love what is happening with your life at the moment even though it is something negative. Even if you hate to admit it... you really like it, if you don't like it then why do you keep on doing it? why are you not changing?

And when you decided to change... it is already over. There is nothing left in your ice cream anymore. You want to buy another one but you can't anymore because your life is over. Life cannot be bought. The sad part here is you realized it when you can't do anything about it anymore. It is too late for you to change, you already failed, you can't go back to your past anymore. In other words, you're already fucked up hahahaha!

So do something about your ice cream while it hasn't totally melt yet. Put it into freezer, freeze your bad habits so you will be able to stop your ice cream from melting. Preserve your life and do everything you can to make your ice cream last longer. Stop licking it, stop engaging into bad habits that will only lead to failure. Do it now, do it while it is not yet over.


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