December 16, 2016


If you have an idea, a skill or some weird tricks... you have to show it. No matter what you have, no matter how ugly it is... you have to show it because it will still catch some attention. It will still give you a fortune, trust me.

Because there are some people that may still appreciate you and what you can bring to the table, all you need to do is trust yourself and do what you are doing everyday. Because if you keep on repeating, if you keep on pushing... the ugly things or stuffs that you have will become beautiful one day. You will have a constant improvement if you are consistent.

So never hide what you've got, if you have a skill that you think no one will appreciate... still show it because it can still catch some attention, it can still create emotions.

Nevermind if you have the ugliest stuffs or ideas, a lot of people out there have good one but they are so afraid to show it to the world because they were so scared of being judged, they were so scared of not looking so perfect. They were waiting for the perfect time that will never come.

Because the perfect time is now, not tomorrow, not later. It is NOW.

If you will no show what you have, it will become ugly forever. The more you show what you have, the more you use your skills and ideas... the more it will become smooth and beautiful. Repetition will attract appreciation. Just repeat and repeat until you arrive at the front seat.

And sometimes you are the only one who's thinking that your own work is ugly. You don't have confidence that is why you think you are not good enough. You also compare your ideas and work with others that is why you can't focus on your own work and make it better.

Just show it even if you think that no one will appreciate it. Appreciate your own work and be proud of it because you use a lot of energy for it. Because no one else will appreciate your work if you can't appreciate it yourself.

And one more thing, there are even lot of bullshit works on the internet or any other place that doesn't even look useful or meaningful but they still catch some attention. Not just small but big attention. So it only means if they can do it then you can do it too. If crappy works work then you should also believe that your ugly work will work.

So let me remind you again, you can start now, you can show your work now. Regardless of the outcome, keep producing your ugly stuffs and don't be afraid to show it to the world. Because your work will never become beautiful if you will keep on hiding it and searching for ideas how to make it perfect.

Your ideas will just decomposed if you will keep it and not expose it. Don't be afraid to look funny, don't be afraid to look ugly.

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