December 29, 2016


People are having a hard time living their lives because they are always looking for what is missing in their lives. They are having a difficulty to adjust, they were having a scarcity mindset and they are having a hard time to adjust with their situation. And this type of mentality will result to failure, depression, self pity and anger.

Look at a wannabe rich guy who has a brand new cellphone last year... he would love to replace his cellphone with what is new in the market today. He always compare, he always look at his friends with brand new cellphones. And if he can't get what he want... he will feel bad, he will get depressed, he will feel outclassed and poor. He created his own negative emotions by looking at what is missing in his life. A lot of people does this that is why their happiness is too shaky and dependent from things that that is far from their reach.

An example is a team competing in the NBA that has a poor standing, a lot of players on that team will complain about lacking a best player, they will look for what is missing on their team. And when a great player comes on their team and eating a lot of their playing time... they will now complain about their playing time, they will complain about the lack of minutes they are getting. It is funny because they keep on looking at what is missing in their lives and that is what makes them stuck and unhappy.

Why will you look for what is missing if you have something? The truth is you're not empty handed, you have something but you can't appreciate it. And when what you want is already there, you will look for another thing that is missing. The vicious cycle keeps on spinning and you don't know that little by little you are going insane. You want more and more and more. Problems keeps on coming, you are making your life very complicated.

Just look at what is inside of your circle. Look at what you have, appreciate it and make it better if you can.

If you keep on looking for what is missing then you will have a hard time growing. Your eyes are always looking for lack and scarcity. You will never feel good because you always feel less. Even if what you have is enough, you will still complain and ask for some other things. You will have a hard time making the best out of the situation. In other words you already quit just before the show started.

Just practice appreciating what you have and never compare with others. Their path is different from yours. You have your own life and journey, you can improve everyday and get what you want, you don't need to look for it and feel bad about it. Improvement, success and growth will come if you will just try to make yourself a better person everyday. Those things, success and abundance will come naturally, all you need to do is work on yourself and improve your game bit by bit. Let go of what is missing in your life and it will come to you.


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