December 31, 2016


Hoping is praying for something without knowing that it will happen. Faith is different, you already believed that it will happen, it is just a matter of waiting for it to happen. Hope is not sure while faith is very sure. Hope can change anytime especially if the situation is really hard and makes you wanna quit. But faith is different, no matter how hard or tragic the situation is, no matter how long it take to become successful... faith never change, it even become stronger.

So stop hoping, instead have faith. Just believe that it will happen sooner or later. You don't have to get bored waiting for it, you don't have to feel that what you want is very far from you. Just relax and it will come.

A lot of people become hopeless because they hope too much, they keep on hoping and hoping until they don't believe it anymore. Hoping is like begging for something to happen and if you see that it is impossible, your hope fades, it becomes frustration and lack of trust.

But faith... it is something that you knew from the start will happen, you don't feel that it is impossible. You just work and keep moving until it happens. Faith has something to do with actions while hope is simply sitting somewhere and hoping that your life will change.

You have a made up mind if you have faith. You don't care about the things that might show on your way and destruct you from being successful. But if you are only hoping, it means uncertainty on your mindset, you are not sure if you will continue or not. In other words, you are just hoping to get lucky.

So choose faith over hope to ensure success. Now that you know the difference between the two, it is time for you to become faithful to your dreams and do everything to make it happen. Don't hope for something, have faith on yourself, have faith that your dreams will happen.

Having faith requires no thinking anymore, especially if your faith is strong, it is very cool because you will not worry anymore. You will just start your journey and keep moving until your dream happens. You don't care if the going gets tough, you don't care if you made a lot of mistakes. You just move and move and find a way how to become successful.

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