December 05, 2016


Immediately wanting to grab something will make your life even difficult. It means you want it right away, it means you want to get it fast. It means you don't want to go to the process. You just want to grab it like a kid grabbing a chocolate from the refrigerator. But success doesn't work out that way. The more you want it fast, the slower it will come to you. Having less patience will lead you to frustration and then when you can't see results in the timeline that you set... you will quit and find other things to do.

But what if you just take it one step at a time? what if you just climb the mountain and never look how far you've come? Because always checking if you already succeeded will just give you disappointments. Don't look at the bottom, don't look for the destination, just keep on making baby steps and never stop. Success will tell you to stop, you can't stop anytime you want and that is the reality.

So if you want something, be ready to climb for it, be ready to go to the top, be ready to take the necessary steps because if you will just wish for the result after working for a couple of days then you will never get it. You are just wasting your time if you want immediate rewards because it will never happen.

Anything you want, you can have it for as long as you are willing to climb for it. There is no shortcut, there is no such thing as working super hard for one night and then you will become an instant millionaire. You have to keep going and make strong efforts day in and day night. You will never know when you will become successful, you will never know when your sacrifices are going to end. All you know is you have to keep working until you become successful and you cannot complain about it. The more you complain, the more you will experience pain. So just focus on the grind and keep climbing for more. Go up, be relentless in taking steps. Keep pushing until you reach the top of the mountain.

A lot of people wants to grab their dreams right away, they want to get it lighting fast and what did they get for rushing and forcing things? NOTHING. They end up being failure, they pursue some other things that they thought is easier and will make them very successful fast, only to find out that they failed again.

Enjoying the process and enjoying taking steps every now and then is the only method that will make you successful. You need to stay at your work for a very long period of time and fight boredom by amusing yourself.

The only way to amuse yourself is to think about your dreams every now and then, think that it is already in your hands, use your imagination. Everytime you feel bored and wanted to give up, imagine that you are already winning, imagine that you are already on the last stage of your journey. Always keep pushing, always keep believing.

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