December 08, 2016


Life is very simple if you will not complicate it. The reason why you are not succeeding is you know the basics but you want to try the advance.

You know how to say things but you are looking for deeper words that you don't even know how to use. You know how to earn money but you are looking for shortcuts that leads you to nowhere. You know everything you need but you keep on adding shits to your life and you don't want to solve the problem if it hits you.

You are planning to have a restaurant even if your money is only good for purchasing a food cart. You are planning to become an NBA player but your skill level is only good for college players. There is nothing wrong about dreaming big things but you should dominate the small things first, you should win on the lower level first so you already have something to pull out to face the bigger things.

Don't swim too deep yet if you can only walk on the swimming pool at 4 feet level. You should know where you are good at and then once you dominate your level... you can move on to the next one.

Just master the basics and once you feel that you can level up... go up, there is nothing wrong with that. If you already have the experience, knowledge and resources to take your shits to another stage then do it. But if what you've got is just for kids level, you better wake up and pack your lunch. Go home and analyze what you need to do so you will not be overwhelmed once you face the bigger things.

Real world is a big boys' world. You think courage alone and having the swagger or little skills can make you successful? ha ha ha. It is time to check the reality. The sharks might eat you if you swim to deep.

There is nothing wrong with starting small, every big companies and big names start with small. If it is the only thing you have, use it and make it big.

Sometimes being simple and basic but doing it over and over again will make you great. You don't need to look for complications, all you need is the endurance to outwork everybody, dedication to overtake everybody and that's it. There is no secret formula or whatever. Just do what you know and try to add some pieces as the time goes by.

Just be patient, you will go far if you are hopeful and committed. You don't need to jump so high if your legs were still weak. You don't need to shoot too far if your gun is just a toy gun.

Again, there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, that was good but you have to be real these days. You have to take calculated risk because you might get drowned and not able to recover anymore if you become cocky and risky.

Being successful takes a lot of work, a lot of basic work that you believe will work. Just focus on your skills, may it be small or big and never stop grinding until you become deserving.