December 24, 2016


A lot of people were playing like their conscience is clean and that they don't have any participation for their situation, they will feel the victim role or they don't want to take the blame for their own bum lives. They will blame the genetics, government or any other things for their own shortcomings. It is crazy because they will not do something about their situation, the worse is the will make it even worse.

If you are having heart problems, don't act like it is because of genetics. Don't blame your mother or father or even grandparents for having a high blood. Look at what you are eating, look at your lifestyle, are you eating healthy foods and doing activities that will make you have a healthy body? or are you completely trolling around eating foods with high cholesterol? are you even walking or are you just lying on your couch the whole day eating pizza and drinking beers? Your life is your lifestyle so don't ever act like it is not your fault.

You are are getting broke each day, it is your fault because you are spending more but working less. You are buying stupid things that you will not even use. You are always rewarding yourself with instant gratification that will only make you happy for a few days. And now you are blaming things and people why you are poor. Don't act like a victim here, you are the suspect for your own tragedy. If you are only being smart handling your money then you will have no problems.

You have unhealthy relationship with your friends and family, they hate you because you have an ugly attitude, you're simply a sucker and a user. You're only good when you need something from them and now you're acting like they were all hating you for no reasons. Look at yourself in the mirror first before assuming things and playing a victim identity. It is your own fault why people are mad at you, it is your attitude that made them treat you so cold.

Everything that is happening in your life is your own fault. So don't ever blame other people for your bum life. It is your poor actions and weak decisions that bring you to that place. You don't have the right to act like you've been treated unfairly because people will treat you right if you are doing right. Life will give you what you deserve so don't expect good things to happen to you if you are not serious on handling your relationships, health and money.

It is very simple, do the right things and right things and situations will come to you.

You should be responsible enough to know that you are the only one responsible for the outcomes of your life and no one else. You are the one taking actions, you are the one making decisions. You are totally in control of your life. You are the one who can put yourself in a good position or not.


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