December 22, 2016


Do it while you still don't need to do it. There are some things that you are not doing because you think you 're too good enough and you don't need it anymore. There are things that you take for granted because you think you already knew everything. And also you say to yourself "I will just do it when I needed to". But when the time for doing it is already there, you are having a hard time because you don't have the habits to do it. You will become unfamiliar with it that results to frustration.

1. You will only drink water when you are ill. You should drink it everyday even if you are not ill so your system will function better. At last 8 glasses of it, don't wait for you to become ill before you drink some water. This is a basic responsibility yet people don't want do it. This is very easy and beneficiary so you need to drink water even if you are not sick. Make it a habit, make it a commitment and see the wonderful results that you will get.

2. You will only exercise if you were already obese. Why not do it while you are still fit? you have to exercise everyday even if you're not that fat yet. Why will you wait for your belly to grow bigger before engaging in any kind of exercise? It is easier to trim weight if you are not overweight. Do it while it is easier. The more you get heavier, the more you will become lazier. Act now before it is too late. A lot of obese people cannot cut down their weight anymore because they were too heavy, they cannot even walk. So if you feel that you're already getting heavier everyday... do something about it. Stop thinking, stop eating, just start running.

3. You will only stop smoking if your lungs were already blackened. You think you're invincible and your lungs were made out of steel huh? look at you now, you look like an old man coughing to death. You look like you're five coughs away from dying.  Where is that invincible kid smoking five box of cigarettes before? But don't worry you still have some time, you're still alive. Do the change now, stop that shit now before it's too late.

4. You will only say sorry if the person you hurt will leave you. A lot of people have big prides and they don't want to apologize even if they are the ones who commits mistake. Why will you wait for someone to feel nothing for you before you made an apology? do it now while it is still early, do it while you still don't need to do it. Do it even if the hurting is not that bad. Always say sorry even if you just accidentally hurt someone.

5. You will only pay your bills when the bank is ringing your cellphone and is threatening you to repossess your property. You have money last month but where did you spend it? you spend it for nonsense things like clothes, shoes, partying etc. You didn't prioritize your responsibilities first. And now that bank is calling you everyday, you don't know what to do anymore. You're panicking because you didn't do what you are supposed to do. Why will you wait for danger before you take action?

In life, there are some things that we should do early, we should do it even though we have the luxury not to do it yet. You have to think advance, you have to make little sacrifices so you will have a better life.


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