December 21, 2016


The word "if" means regret, uncertainty and wanting for something without giving anything for exchange.

If means no confidence and begging for assurance. This word is commonly used by losers and people with big regrets.

You should remove the word "if" in your vocabulary if you want to become successful because it will not do anything good in your life.

Here are some of the phrases with the word "if" that are widely use by losers:

1. "What if I fall?" - See, you haven't tried yet and you were already thinking about failing. You will never see the result if you will not try. Don't think about failing, think about moving. Failing is part of the process so don't be afraid of it. Failing is guaranteed same as success. If you are willing to fail, it means you are also willing to succeed.

2. "If only I am rich, I will start a business" - There are millions of rich businessmen who start being poor. You don't need to become rich to start something. Using if means you really don't want it because you were already making excuses. If you really want it then do it. No ifs no buts. Throw yourself to the ocean and swim with the sharks.

3. "If I have a strong support then probably I am successful now" -  Don't ever blame your family or environment if you are not doing well in life. Yes, they have a role in your life but they are not the ones responsible for your failure. If you accept that you're already a failure then you are. It is either you do something about it or you accept it. It is still in your hands, stop using the word if.

4. "If someone will teach me then I will start doing it" - You don't need lessons from somebody if you really want to do something. You will start even if you don't know anything. You will force to learn something to make a progress. Nobody will help you, face it and make your own path.


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