December 18, 2016


Reactions to different situations is what you should master. Life is not all about doing and making actions. It is also a series of reactions that you should do in some situation that you will encounter. You should react well or else you will put yourself in a bad spot that you will regret in the end. You should know what is happening around you, who are the people and what type of reaction you should execute.

Here are some of the best reactions to different situations:

1. Spend less if your business is not doing well. Do't act like a king everyday and that you can buy anything you want. If your business is weak then do some cost cutting. Wait until your business become strong again before you buy anything you want. Not all the time you are powerful, not all the time you have money so you should react accordingly with how money flows into your life. Spend wisely, don't be arrogant, stay humble and spend according to your means.

2. Stop arguing with someone who has more power than you. If you will care about your pride and continue arguing with someone who can throw you anytime... That's the stupidest thing you can ever do. Why will you argue with someone whom you have no chance to beat? stop pretending that you are brave. If someone can put you into jail with his power then you better shut up because you can't do anything about it. Eat your pride and go back home. There is nothing wrong in retreating, what is wrong is you are fighting someone whom you cannot even touch.

3. Stop arguing with someone who is lower than you. You will lose a lot, your enemy has nothing to lose so he will do anything to make you look bad. You know better so you better raise your standards when arguing with people. Argue with someone who has also the same level of education and standard of living as yours. Never argue with uneducated people, scandalous people because they will do ugly and nasty things just to win. You are more classy so act like you have one.

4. If you are feeling lazy the best reaction is to do it right away. Never let laziness dominate your day. Once you feel it, conquer it. Do something so laziness will fade. Do something that will put you back in momentum. Laziness becomes stronger if you always delay your actions. Make it weak by moving your hands and feet. Stay away from your bed!

5. Someone pushing your button, ignore it. You have better things to do so you shouldn't give any attention to people who are just trying to ruin your day. You have better plans and better life. Use all of your energy to become better and make your life escalate to another level. If someone is testing your patience, simply ignore him and go back to what you are doing as fast as you can. You will never regret your decision and you will find yourself happier by staying away from trouble.

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