December 29, 2016


Saying no is very hard to do, a lot of people nowadays are becoming a member of the YES man society because they don't want to hurt other people's feelings. The truth is... you are not hurting anyone if you will say no. They are hurting themselves by being too much emotional. And guess what.. sensitivity will attract poverty. You have to have a strong stomach and skin in this generation. You can't be too sensitive because having that kind of mindset will make you weak even more. You will miss a lot of things if you will try to make a lot of dramas.

You don't have to say yes anytime a person ask you for something. By doing that, you will have disorganized life and you will always be in a bad spot. By doing that, you are letting other people take control of your life.

Here are some of the benefits if you will have the courage to say no:

1. You will become more confident. Saying no especially if you really mean it will make you confident because you will feel you have the right to make a stand. You will feel entitled of choosing your own options. Your confidence will soar high because you are able to express how you feel and you are not scared of the consequences that may happen by saying no.

2. You will have more time for yourself. No one can disturb you if you are doing important things. You will say no to people who are inviting you to parties, useless events, etc. You can focus more and prioritize the more important things. You can protect your busy schedule. You will be able to always finish on time, beat any tight deadlines and become more disciplined in any areas of your life because you have a mindset that no one can just cut your momentum and ask for your time.

3. You will become true to yourself. Your decision will always be favored in your side. Saying no means being true to yourself because you will not do things that you don't want just to make other people happy. Saying no to what is being presented that you don't like means you know what you want and you are just being honest with your true feelings.

4. You will become more successful. You will become successful because you are bold and confident to disagree to what you think is wrong. You will reject offers that is not helpful to your growth. You will say no to activities that are not helping you to become a better person.

5. Your decision making will become better. You don't belong to the "YES MAN" society. You will weigh all of your options and reject what is not helpful or what will not give solutions. You are ruthless crossing out choices that are meaningless to get a job done.

6. You will know who are your true friends. A friend that gets rejected and never feel bad about it is a true friend. So if you rejected somebody and he feels bad, it only means he is just using you or he just likes you because he can get something from you. So if you wanna test the loyalty of your friend... say no to him and wait for his reactions. If he is ok with that then congratulations, you found a true friend.

7. People will feel your authority. They will think that you are not easy to convince so they will be a little bit intimidated at you. They will respect you in someways and will not always ask for a favor from you. They will not command you nor bully you because you can always say no and stop what you don't like.


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