December 18, 2016


Sometimes ignoring is better than giving attention. It will make your life easier, you will stay out of trouble and you can focus more on better things waiting for you. Ignoring will give you an easy way, it will make your life lighter and smoother.

Ignoring is a good skill, some people are good at ignoring and it gives them a huge advantage. It makes them live peacefully with lesser stress in life. Ignoring is not about not caring at all, it is more of caring what matters and what will lead your life to a smooth sailing journey.

Ignore the noise outside. If there are people who were so loud on the street, just ignore them. Work on your project until it is complete. Ignore them because if you will argue with them... you are only making things worse. There is no point in arguing with them because your momentum will be broken, you will feel bad even more. Remember that what you are doing is more important than shutting their mouths, Never give time to people who were inconsiderate.

Ignore the pain. If you have a little disease, if you have a little pain in your body... just ignore it. Ignore it until it is gone. Focusing too much on the pain will just make the pain bigger. Ignore it because it will be gone soon. Just look for some activities that will veer off your attention from pain. Pain is just a feeling, it is nothing but emotion. It can't kill you so don't make it a big deal. Just keep yourself busy on something and you will not be able to feel the pain anymore.

Ignore the time. If you are waiting for something... just ignore the time. Don't look at the wall clock every now and then because you will only get bored even more. You will feel that the clock is not moving. Look at those employees who were always waiting for the end of their shift... they were stressed more and get tired even more.

Ignore the critics. Critics were your confused admirers. They don't know what to do with their lives that is why they were giving attention to other people's lives. Ignore them because giving them some attention will only make your head hot. Your focus on your work will be destroyed. Ignore them because they don't even deserve your attention.

Ignore your weakness. Just focus on your strengths, do more the things that you already mastered. Forget about your weakness because you don't need it. If you don't know that you have a weakness then you can do more, you can move faster and you will be care free. You will accomplished a lot of things and you will not even notice your mistakes.  

You can ignore anything, you can ignore what is not helpful in your life. Sometimes it is better to just ignore it than to get rid of it. Your focus in life is your life so if you are dwelling with the things that are just making your life difficult then you will have an unhappy life that is full of hardship and pain.

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