December 18, 2016


If you feel that you've been a little bit disrespected. if you feel that you are somehow being bypassed but you know you deserve more... you need to be absent for a few days or weeks. Let them miss your power, let them feel weak when you are not around. Let them know your value.

People will only know your value when you're not around, they will take you for granted because they knew you are present everyday and you are always there to help them.

But if you feel that it is not right anymore, you should let them know that they are nothing without you. Be absent for a few days, take your time to think if you will still come back or not. If you still love what you are doing then come back but if not, just go ahead and leave.

But also make sure that you don't feel anything while you are absent, make sure that it is nothing and you will not feel any regrets. Because if you will feel guilty then it means you need them more than they need you.

Sometimes you really have to make people think about your value by being absent so they will feel that they feel like a limp without you. It is not about trying to look like a superstar or something. If you feel that they are not valuing your value then being absent will make them realize how valuable you are,

But you should only do this technique if you are really strong and has a great value, if you are just trying to be missed by everyone but you don't have anything to offer other than your presence then for sure they will not miss you. They will even be happy if you are not around.

And when you comeback from absence, make sure you will perform stronger and better. Make sure you will double your performance so they will become happy with your comeback. Introduce yourself the king and show them who is the real king in town.

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