December 27, 2016


You have to be closer to successful things or people so you will become successful too. It is like feeling their energy and getting familiar with it. If you are closer with them then you can copy their attitude, behavior, mindset and habits so you will have an idea how it feels like to become successful too. You will see things that you haven't seen before, you will discover their techniques and how to get things done. You will learn a lot, you will move into a different level.

Work with big time people even if it is just a part time. It will be easier for you to copy the habits and lifestyle of successful people if you are working with them. You will know their schedule, they way they talk, move and socialize with different people. You will know their secrets and how to handle problems and challenges. If you are very attentive with the way they behave, you will be able to know everything about success. You will adapt to their surroundings and you will discover a lot of things that you thought weren't possible before. You will be inspired more and your self confidence will grow bigger as your knowledge becomes deeper.

Fight a star if you're an ordinary fighter. It is not only about associating, it is also about competing. You have to compete with the highest level to know your level. If you want to become successful then you must be brave enough to fight the champion so your skills will grow and your courage will soar. You can't improve if you're constantly fighting bums that will only teach you how to become weak. If lions don't want to associate themselves with you then fight them and dethrone them. You will learn a lot and become stronger if you are brave enough to face the champions. And even if you lose, you're still a winner because you still gain something, you gain knowledge and experience that will make you a better person. 

Watch and learn instructions from successful people. If you can't find some successful people whom you can associate yourself with, then just watch some of their videos in you tube. There are thousands of them. But also make sure you are watching legit stuffs. There are lot of fakes and wannabes on the internet that just wanted to make some money. Make sure you do your research so you are listening to the right ones. You will learn a lot by just simply watching and listening, you will be able to copy their wisdom and apply it to your own life. Successful people share their secrets, they are not selfish and they want others to become successful too. For them, it is easier to become successful if they will help others succeed too.

It is easy to become successful if you will surround yourself with successful people. You will become more motivated, your mindset will become very positive and you will feel their energy. You will be like them because their attitude is very contagious. You will become inspired and your life will change.