December 07, 2016


Anything can survive forever.

If you're in a brink of elimination or death or bankruptcy... don't worry because you can survive if what you are doing is right. If you are taking positive actions and doing small progress then there is nothing to worry about.

It is all about finding the right process, working a little harder and raising your belief. That is the secret to surviving.

So if your business is not earning well and you want to survive it, all you need to do is do the right process for surviving it. Find the right recipe to gain a little advantage from your competitors. Find what is missing, find anything that you can do to at least make a little result. Find a way how to conserve it, it is either you fire some of your workers, you sell some stuffs to add more budget or lower the price of your product. You can survive it if you make the necessary adjustments. There is no way you cannot survive it if you really want it.

To all cancer patients, don't find the cure instead find what makes you feel better. Just do something that makes you a little stronger and happier. Looking for a cure will only make you frustrated if you can't find it. You don't need to inject a lot of medicines to your system, you don't need to attend a lot of therapy sessions that only kills your wallet. If you become poor by curing yourself, you've already been dead before you die. It is better to die rich than to die poor. Just find the simplest process that can make you feel a little bit better. If it is running for a few kilometers then do it, if it is eating fruits or pasting, do it. You can survive any deadly disease if the process is right. The key here is do what makes you feel better and stop thinking about tomorrow. Just try to survive one day at a time, forget about surviving forever. Just try to live today by doing the best process that you think is right, feel good about it, feel happy and that's it.

If your career is going down, let's say you're an actor and projects are not coming to you, it simply means what you are doing is wrong, your process is wrong. It is time for you to change your approach and do something that will revive your career. Survive your career by doing something that will make your market attractive. If it is about gaining weight and looking muscular, do it. If it is about losing some weight so you can project a new look, do it. So something that will change the way people see you. Make a change, invent a process that will bring you closer to success.

If your relationship is getting cold, it means you need to forge a process to make your relationship hotter again. If singing a song infront of your wife will make her fall in love again, do it. If wearing a florescent underwear will make here interested at you again, do it. Any relationship can survive, you just need to invent a new process and trust it.

Any challenge is beatable, any adversity can be conquered if you are doing the right process. If things are not going on your way, it means you have to change something, you have to change your belief, habits or style. You can survive anything if your process is right. Survive now and thrive later, it is possible if you will take actions and do something new.

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