December 21, 2016


The reason why there are some hollywood actors who were already forgotten by people do stupid things on the internet such as posting nudes, getting drunk on bars, creating a havoc and any other attention grabbing scenes is because they can't accept that people doesn't want them anymore, they can't accept that there are new actors who were doing better than them. They can't accept they were no longer popular. It makes them hard to move on because they were still trapped in the past.

That is the problem that most people are having nowadays, they were seeking for appreciation and attention, they were seeking for public's approval and when they don't get it... they freak out, they feel depressed, worried and unappreciated. Their happiness is based on the outer world and not on their inner world. They don't know how to amuse themselves by simple things. They just want attention and praises so they will feel good and confident.

Let me tell you this, if your greatness and confidence is based on the number of people that kisses your ass... your're in big trouble my friend. That is not how happiness works, happiness is accepting what you are, who you are, what you have and trying to improve all of your resources if you wanted to.

If you see someone better than you, you have to accept it. No one becomes popular and successful forever. Time will come and someone will have to replace your throne. Does Michael Jordan play forever and dominate the game until he wants? does the Beatles remain on the top of the chart forever? the answer is no. No one will remain on top forever, your time will come and your time will past so be ready to accept the fact that you will be replaced.

But that doesn't mean that you cannot do some other things. Of course you can still find some other things where you can dominate. You can find a new start and build another legacy.

So if your career is already over, accept it and look for a new path where you can start and become happy.

Don't act like you're entitled to become a spoiled little brat that needs some attention and should be given an attention every now and then. Accept that you already have your time and it is time to pass the torch to others.

Life will become easier for you if you can accept that somebody can become better than you. You don't need to protect your identity every now and then. You can break records but your records can also be broken. Life is just a cycle, a king will come and a king will also be replaced in the right time. You can't hold a power forever, if it is possible then for sure immortality will become evident but it is not. That is why presidents are being replaced, veteran soldiers retires and a new artist is always budding, a new rookie is always making a noise. Some will go and some will come.

If you can't do what you are doing before anymore, start to look for some other things where you can focus your energy and be happy. Be satisfied with what is going on with your life because you've already enjoy your ride. It is time for others to enjoy their own ride, it is time to let go.


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