December 19, 2016


Life is easy if you know how to make it easy. It will be very fun if you are doing the right things and have the proper mindset. Life is not as hard as advertised. It is easy if you will just live it smart and don't do things that will complicate it. You can have a lot of fun especially if you are aware of what is happening and what will happen.

1. Don't be fooled by the attractive pictures you saw on the internet. You wanted to copy the images that you saw. Once you see an attractive place that was visited by you friend... you want to visit it too. Once you saw a nice gadget of your friend... you want to have it too. You don't have to get jealous with everything. You can have fun by simply being you and doing your job. You can have a lot of fun through actions. You don't need a lot of external things or events to make you happy. Fun comes naturally, it doesn't need to be copied. Those things, food, places, beautiful people that you saw on the internet doesn't have any connection with your life so you don't have to resonate with those things. Just find happiness on your own, you don't need to compare your life to other people.

2. Please only the people that are important in your life. Pleasing everyone just to look good and nice is a mortal sin. Don't be afraid to reject people, don't be afraid to say NO. Pleasing all people will make you miserable. Just please only your parents, your partner, your true loyal friends and relatives. Don't try to be nice to everyone because they will not do the same favor to you. The is is not being mean or bad, it is only being realistic and protecting yourself from people that are users.

3. Try to save money as much as you can. Your life will become easier if you know you are protected and will never get hungry tomorrow. Save money as much as you can so you will feel abundance. You will feel more security and freedom if you have savings, especially if your savings is so big. You will become more creative if you have money, you will be able to do more things.

4. Try to practice delayed gratification. The moment you earn something, never spend all of your money. Try to spend it later if you already have a lot of extra money. If you have to choose between partying and working, always choose working. Try to postpone happiness as much as you can because it will give you joy in the end. You will be able to do more if you have more. The more you delayed happiness, the more you can enjoy happiness because you have all the resources to sustain it as much as you can. Unlike someone who chooses to be happy right away by spending, hanging out with friends or using credit cards for bullshit purposes... that person will become broke in the end because he won't have anything left on his pocket.

5. Keep your goals and dreams a secret. Never talk about your goals and dreams to everyone because they will pull you down. They will become jealous and they will hate you. Some will even laugh at you, some will tell you that you are crazy if your dreams were too big. They will not understand your journey and your beliefs so they will tell you that you are wrong. Keep your dreams and goals secretly and try to pursue them without making any noise.

6. Never talk about your money. If you were so arrogant about your money then people will come and borrow some money from you. Some will not pay, some will just run away. It will only give you bad feelings. So if you want to have an easier life... just keep quiet about your money. Never tell them how much you earned because people are very good in calculations, they will even make plans about your money without your consent, it is funny right?

7. Just try to improve everyday. Just trying to improve everyday and working hard everyday will already give you satisfaction, once you see that you are progressing then you will have a happier life. Make at least .05 percent improvement everyday and be consistent about it, it will give you happiness, it will make you feel great.

8. Travel to different places if you have money. Travel only if you have money because if you get your expenses from credit cards or debts... you will not feel happy while travelling, you will even think about your debts while you are on your trip. Travelling is fun, travel to relax and get rid the toxins out of your body.

9. Seek for new adventures. Seek for new things that will excite you, this will give you motivation. It can be about traveling to different places, pursuing millions or winning a specific award. Looking for new adventures will add spice into your life, you will have a lot of fun. You will become stronger and happier especially if you are succeeding.

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