December 26, 2016


Being relentless is one skill that you must possess in order to achieve rapid success and developed habits that will make you a better person. Being relentless means you really want something and you will never stop until you achieved your goal. But how to be relentless? it is very simple, you just need to follow some basic steps and stick with it no matter what. Being relentless looks very difficult but it really isn't. You just need a lot of patience and tolerance for uncomfortable situations. You just need to know if you really want it or not.

1. Know your strengths. Of course you need to know where you are good at and keep doing it everyday, you need to know what are the things that you enjoyed doing the most and do it until the completion of your goals. You have to know yourself more than people know you. You have to identify what keeps you going and what makes you moving. Knowing your strengths simply means you are using your skills that gives you progress or little success. Know your strengths so you will be able to make little progress everyday. It will give you confidence and mentality that you can go further with the little skill or small amount of power you have.

2. Know your weaknesses. Of course you have to know your weaknesses too but you must not focus on it. Know it so you will not what not to use. Don't think about it, everytime a thought pops out that is connected to your weakness, completely eliminate it right away.

3. Push according to your pace. Being relentless is not about being fast and pushing until you drained out. Just push according to your pace, never enter someone's pace or do a pace that will make you tire fast. You must know your pacing and what kind of speed you can do. You should always be in a relax and progressive mode. You must keep going and your pace should be very consistent.

4. Focus on small progress. Seeing small progress will make you motivated to keep on taking actions. Don't look for huge progress because if you didn't see it you will only feel bad and demotivated. Focus on small progress and keep on repeating it everyday. Small progress will give you good feelings and it will become bigger and bigger everyday if you keep on doing it.

5. Develop your will power day by day. You must improve your will power by working harder than yesterday or repeating the same efforts yesterday. You can also develop your willpower through consistency.  Having a strong willpower will make you relentless, you will become unstoppable and you will keep going until you arrive the final stage of your journey. Willpower is having the ability to do things even though your body is telling you not to, if you can bring your willpower to another level then sky is the limit for you.

6. Focus on your emotions and not on how the situation looks. You have to focus on your emotions and you must learn how to control it. You must not be so emotional because if you are like that, you will make a lot of dramas, you will create reasons why you must quit. You must be aware if you are so being emotional because you will not be able to think right if you didn't put your emotions in the proper place. Forget about the situation, for get how bad it looks, just focus on your emotions and learn how to control it so you will never quit when strong pressure is testing your heart.

7. Look for an inspiration and think about it every second.  To be relentless, you must find an inspiration or reason why you must win. You must look for stories that will make you believe that it is possible and you too can do it. Think about it every second so you will become determined to finish what you've started.

8. Condition your mind and body. Control your mind and learn how to quiet it when it is cluttered by negative and weak thoughts. Your mind is the one responsible for your actions and how strong it is. The strength of your mind is the determining factor if you will succeed or not. You must lean how to condition it and what thoughts you must summoned if hard situations surprised you on your journey. You must make it very strong same as your body. Make it strong as much as you can because a weak mind and body will never go far. 

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