December 07, 2016


Everyone wants respect, I don't know what is it with respect that people can't get enough of. Maybe they think they are powerful if they are respected. Maybe their egos where very high that they want other people to bow to them and show them fear. But respect is just a treatment, if you are a really strong person then you don't need approval or praises from others, you don't need the external energy. All you need is belief in yourself and in anything that you do and you will be fine. Some people will respect you even if they don't need to.

But just in case you are one of many people who wants respect, here are the best ideas to have it:

1. Respect other people. You must learn to respect if you want to get respect. Even if you are a person with high rank in the society, you still need to treat other people with respect. Respect is rotating, if you are getting it, it means you are giving it. The more you give respect, the more it will return back to you. Respect the poor, respect the people with lower ranks in the society.

2. Don't enforced it. You don't need to bully other people just to get respect. Respect is to be earned and not to be enforced. Being respected is different from being feared. If you scare other people to respect you then you are not getting a real respect. When you are not around, they will call you other names that are disrespectful, they will even make jokes about you.

3. Become successful. If you achieved great achievements, if you have something to show that they don't have then they will respect you even if you don't ask for it. It is automatic. That is why presidents, olympians and MVPs have special treatments. They were respected because they have something that is very hard to get and people were so amazed with the things that they thought of as impossible to achieve.

4. Show them that you have a strong belief. If you have a strong principle about something, if you have an insurmountable will that no one can break then people will respect you. They will see you as a type of person that doesn't give up easily. They will respect your courage and ability to hold on to something for a long time. People who doesn't change their belief easily are well respected because they show boldness and perseverance.
5. Accept defeat. If you lost in a game or in a competition or even in an election race or something, accept defeat and never be a bitter. People will respect you if you are a good sport and not someone who talks about being cheated. Accept defeat like a man, accept defeat with class. People who makes a lot of excuses when they lost are not respected by many. They will look bitter and someone who cannot accept defeat even if they lost convincingly. Accept defeat in your heart and don't tell everyone that your opponent just got lucky.

6. Help other people. If you can help other people without expecting anything in return then you will gain a huge amount of respect. Help someone without a hidden agenda behind it. Help people that is truly in your heart.

7. Be the truest you. People will respect you for who you are. If you are not hiding something or if you are not pretending to be someone then people will admire you and respect you. People love sincerity and truthfulness. If you can be so pure and genuine then you will gain a lot of respect from different people. Not all people will respect you of course but you will still get a lot of respect by simply being authentic.

8. Don't look for it. There are some people who can't get respect because they are working for it and always searching for it. They are looking for it because they feel that they are entitled to get a  lot of it. And that makes them look odd, it makes them look trying hard that is why people can't give it to them. Don't try to get respect from people because you can't force them to give it to you. Even if you are the most kind person in the world, even if your are the richest person in the world, there will still be some other people who won't treat you right because not all people have the same attitude. Some are really disrespectful and mean and you cannot do anything about it.

And the truth is, you don't need respect, you don't need to look hard for it. There are lot of respectful people in this world and they will respect you if you are doing right and treating other people right.

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