December 27, 2016


Success is not all about believing, you will also become successful if you will not believe some things. Because there are things that if you believe will only make you weak, it will destroy your confidence, you will not take actions anymore and all you will do is take life for granted. So you have to be careful on what things to believe in, you must only believe what empowers you and can bring your motivation to another level. Get rid of those things that will lower your self esteem.

1. Talent. If you believe that there is such thing as talent then you will not work hard anymore to improve any skill that you have. You will envy people that you think are talented. You will not push yourself to become the best especially if you think that you don't have any talent at all. You will just accept your fate even though sometimes you are thinking of becoming great at something. If you believe in talent, talented people will eat you and you will not be able to compete at the highest level.

There is no such thing as talent, there is only skill. You can become great at anything if you will practice it everyday and become obsessed with it. Pick something and do it for at least 5 hours a day for one year, you will see tremendous improvement on that skill and some people who doesn't believe in hardwork will even call you talented.

2. Destiny. If there is such thing as destiny then you don't have to work anymore. Just sit around all day long and let life decide what are you going to be. Destiny is for losers, the always say "this is my destiny that is why I fail, I try but I am not destined to become successful". They were always full of excuses and they always blame circumstances for not being successful. If you will believe in destiny then you are destined to fail because you will not trust yourself, you will simply accept what life will throw at you. You will not try to force anything and use your willpower. You will become satisfied of the results of your life.

3. It is not for you. When some people say that it is nor for you and you believe them then it is not really for you. You don't have to believe that phrase because it is for losers. Try as much as you can to see if it is really for you. Try many times, try for as long as you can still try. You will only know that it is not for you if you can't try anymore and you are not yet successful. Everything is possible, anything can become yours.

4. Age. They will say that you were already too old to try something or they will even say you are still young to lead and become successful. If you will believe that age has something to do with success then your belief will go down. You will never try because you think success has an age limit. Age has nothing to do with success. Success will be attracted to you if you really believe in yourself no matter how old or young you are. If you can do the things needed to become successful regardless of your age then everything is possible for you.

5. Luck. Losers will say they have no luck that is why they were failures. They will say that luck is not on their side that is why they weren't able to make a momentum to become successful. Luck is always part of their vocabulary and guess what? they never get lucky just for once. If you will believe in luck then you will never get lucky. Luck will only happen to people who work so hard and make their hands dirty to become successful.

6. It is nor your time yet. There is no such thing as timing, success can happen anytime, You don't know when is the right time so you have to give your 100 percent effort everyday. If success didn't happen, it doesn't mean it is not yet your time, it only means there is something that is missing in your efforts. You need to make the necessary adjustments and try again next time.

7. You already past your prime. You can reach your prime over and over again. There is no prime stage. There are even some people who become successful then they fail repeatedly and become successful again. If you will believe that you've already reached your prime then you will feel depressed, you will feel regretful and sorry for yourself because you think you can never become successful anymore. Stop believing in prime because if you really want it... you can always release the beast in you.


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