December 24, 2016


There are lot of fake wannabes on the internet that talks about hard work and grind. They just keep on talking about it but they don't have the track records of doing it. They will keep on talking that it is hard. Are they just making dramas or impressing people? There are rules of hard work and you should follow it carefully to make unbelievable results in life, You should not take hardwork as just a work, you should give deeper meaning to it.

1. You should not talk about it. People will not care how much hardwork you've done, you can hype yourself up and make people see what you are doing but if you were not able to make results then all of your hard work makes no sense. Don't talk about your hardwork, talk about results first if you have and then follow it with the story of your hardwork. If you will talk about your hardwork first and then you can't show them any results then you will just look like a fool. If you are working hard, keep it as a secret until you become successful.

2. You should not complain about it. If you are complaining about it, it means you really don't want to work hard. It means you are just pretending that you are working hard. No successful person ever complain about the hardwork that he puts in. Even if it already hurts so much, those pain will be washed away if you keep thinking about your goals and ambition in life. Hardwork is a prerequisite, if you will just complain about working hard then stop working and just join the lottery. I hope you don't grow old and broke playing that game.

3. Hardwork is normal. It is nothing new, successful people keeps on working hard everyday. They don't care if they get tired or if their efforts were unrewarded. Working hard is another day for them and it is nothing special nor unusual to them. For them, if they don't work hard they will feel sick and weak.

4. You should not stop doing it. You should work hard until you become successful and once you become successful, you should still work hard if you want to remain being successful. It is a forever commitment, you can't stop it or else you will go back at the bottom.

5. You should do it right. Some people work hard for not so beneficiary activities, if you want success, you should do it right. You should only do the things that will give you progress and one step closer to success. You're already old enough to know what works for you so remind yourself everyday if you are working hard for your future or if you are working hard for something else that will only produce mediocre results.

6.You should be consistent. You can't work hard yesterday and produce little efforts today. Results will not come fast if you are like a submarine who will just show up whenever it wants to. Show up everyday, beat your effort yesterday.

7. Face the pain. A lot of people doesn't want to work hard because they were so afraid of pain. You should pace the pain everyday so you will become familiar with it, you should face it so it won't feel painful anymore. Pain is the twin brother of success, you should not shy away from it.

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