December 09, 2016


There is nothing wrong in dreaming, what makes it wrong is you are dreaming for so long and you already forgot that you have to take actions for your dreams to come true. Sometimes too much daydreaming is already destroying your life and you barely notice it. Yes, you are always thinking about your dreams which is a good thing but too much thinking about it is not making it real. You are only fooling yourself, you better wake up now and do something.

Here are the reasons why daydreaming is destroying your life:

1. It takes a lot of your time. You are fantasizing too much about your dream girl or dream house or dream car. You do not know that the time you've wasted for dreaming the things you like could have been use you to make it real. How many hours do you fantasize about your dreams? two or five or seven? that time was a lot! You can do a lot instead of just thinking about it, you can take actions that will make you one step closer to your dreams. Use your time wisely and make your dreams come true.

2. You are developing a habit of procrastination. Instead of taking actions and going up early... you still think about your dreams, you procrastinate. You don't want to start and you are developing a habit of dreaming about your dreams first so you will feel good and have a nice day. You are delaying your actions because you prioritize dreaming first instead of taking actions.

3. You are thinking about impossible things. You are thinking about the things that are very hard to get, there is no such thing as impossible but the possible becomes impossible because you are not taking actions. You already accepted that it is impossible to get your dream because it is too big that is why you only just dream about it. You don't want to do anything to get it anymore. You already quit, you were already satisfied of just dreaming about it all day long. I can't blame you, sitting or lying on your bed and playing with your thoughts is easier than taking massive actions.

4. You are getting weaker everyday. You are getting weaker why? because you are being lazy, you are not using your skills. You are not using your creativity and passion to make your dreams come true. You are becoming rusty by daydreaming a lot. You are not being tested and challenged. You become weaker and weaker as you extend the hours of your daydream.

5. It destroys your confidence.  Your self esteem is getting low because just like I said, daydreaming will make you avoid taking actions that is why you are not confident in facing difficulties. You're weaken by your daydreaming and you forgot how good you were before. You were so focus on your dreams that is why you don't have time to improve everyday. The result is... your confidence being shattered little by little.

6. You are not achieving anything. No matter how many hours you spend on daydreaming... you will still not achieve anything. What success did you get by simply dreaming? did your life become better by dreaming? did your pocket become thicker? you were the same person as yesterday, you didn't bring something good to your life.

7. They will mock you. They will make fun of you because you are talking about your dreams a lot but you are not taking actions. They will mock you and tell you that you are dreaming while eyes are open. Your confidence will go down again, you will become depressed and feeling broken.

It's ok to dream but it is better if you will take actions. You can dream while working so why not combine the two and take relentless work to make your dreams come true?

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