December 17, 2016


Accept failure. If there is nothing you can do about it anymore, let's say you have a difficult exam tomorrow but you were not able to study because you got sick or you party they whole week... accept that you will already fail, accept it. Don't worry about how will you look like or struggle tomorrow because you've already failed before the exam even started. Accept that is your fault and nobody else's. Accept it and don't even think about it anymore, just think about how will you be able to do better next time.

Live like a real human. Worrying happens because you want to control something but you can't. You are just a human and you can't control everything. Live like a real human who just breathes, eat and shit everyday, You don't need to be assertive every now and then, everything will flow regardless of any control you have. Live like a real human who just enjoys his life and making the best out of the moment.

Be childlike.  Of course children also worries but it never stick to them for a long time. Once you identify your problem, just think about it for a few minutes and go back to your normal self again. Stop overthinking and just look for some better things that you will enjoy. If you have a problem, just don't think about it and look for something to play so your focus will shift to a different thing.

Improvise the simplest solution. If you have a big problem, there is no way you can't do something about it. Look for the simplest solution that you can provide and live with it. Don't look for the permanent solution because you will never have it in one day. Just survive each day using your improvise solution for that day until your problem vanished.

Don't think about the future. Always thinking about the future is a great builder of worries. Why think about the future if you can live just for the moment and enjoy it. Future will come in a moment so you don't have to think for it. Don't go there because you are here. There are much better things in the present than in the future so never waste what is happening now because of thinking too much about what could happen.

Face what worries you. If your boss is mad at you because you've done something wrong, face him right away and talk to him. Don't hide from him, answer his calls and text messages and explain your side. Your worry will only become bigger if you are hiding from something or someone that worries you. Face your worry and try to fix what you can fix. Don't make excuses, don't pretend that you are sick so you can't provide an answer. The more you delay, the stronger your worry will become.

Do it right away. Once source of worries is pending tasks and responsibilities. If you have to do something that is urgent, do it right away, Never do something else that is not urgent so you can avoid the harder task, Do it right away so your worry will go away. Even if the task is really hard, you have to face it, dissect it and finish it. Having the ability to take actions fast will reduce your stress, you will be able to build momentum to solve your problems.

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