December 17, 2016


People hates losing, it is a bad feeling. It will destroy your confidence if you will let it. You will feel down, depressed and of course you will feel like a loser. But not everyone knows, especially the quitters is losing has some benefits. It can make you a better person if you will look on the positive side of it. You will be able to know how much you still need to work in order to become a winner. You will be able to feel how losing feels like so the next time you see an opportunity you will not squander it anymore. You will give your best because you don't want to lose again.

Here are some good benefits of losing:

1. You already felt it. If you already felt it then you will never have a hard time dealing with it once it happened to you again. You already knew the feeling so it will never be hard for you once you lost again. In other words, you will never be afraid of losing again so you will become loose and more courageous next time. Look at some fighters who were undefeated for a very long time, the moment they taste their first defeat... they feel like their world has already ended. They can't recover easily, they were having a hard time standing up again.

2. You will become stronger. Losing will ignite the fire in you. You will do everything to become stronger and smarter because you don't want to lose again. Losing is just a reminder that your knowledge and strength is not yet enough so you have to work more for yourself and become better.

3. People won't expect a lot from you. Because you've already lost, people will not see you as an invincible person anymore and that will take away a lot of pressure from you. You will never care about an unblemished record anymore.

4. You will no longer have an image to protect. Unlike before that you were always winning. If you've already lost, you will no longer have an image to protect. You will not be scared of losing again because you've already lost before. You will become more loose and will even enjoy the journey this time.

5. You will be able to make adjustments after losing. You will know what is lacking in you. You will know what are the things you need to change and you will also know what are the things that you need to add into your life to become a much stronger person. Adjustments will give you confidence because you know you've upgraded and you're stepping into a new level.

6. You have a choice if you will come back stronger or not. These are good choices, after a good run of always winning, you will finally have the time if you will stop what you are doing or not. You can rest for a moment and decide if you will still continue your journey. In other words, it is showing you better options for a better life.

7. You will become more humble. A person who always keeps on winning will somehow become arrogant, this is normal because you are becoming very confident. The moment you tasted defeat, you will become humble because reality will remind you again that you are not invincible. You will fail again and again if you will not have an attitude adjustment.