December 30, 2016


The are lot of advantages that you have that you don't know . It is because You think of the word advantage as something that is comfortable and will immediately make you win. Advantage is not like that, you still have to work, you still need to look around and become very observant. You need to find your advantage and believe in it. It doesn't necessarily need to be a skill or talent, your advantages can come from other people too.

1. A lot of people will quit early. For example in twitter, a lot of people especially the marketing people would love to grow their followers. An average followers that you can get in one year is 15 thousand, and that is if you are active. If you will look at some marketers in tweeter, they were already using it for 5-7 years but they only have hundreds of followers. It simply means, they quit so early. They quit during the first or second year if they don't find success in what they are doing.

It is a big advantage for you, a lot of people will quit and if you are the one who doesn't give up easily... you will be able to destroy the competition. You will be the last man standing and you will become very successful. Not quitting is already winning you just have to keep going. If you see a lot of people quit in your field then it means you will be able to solo success.

2. People were so scared to take the blame. They don't want to even try. In a class composed of 50 pupils, 45  of them were pussies, 3 are trying to look brave and only 2 are the real alphas. It is a big advantage for you if you are willing to take the blame because you will attract a lot of opportunities to grow and experience a lot of things. If a teacher ask the whole class who wants to become president, only few will raise their hands because they don't want to handle a big responsibility, they are afraid to take the blame if the class is not organized. So if you are this type of person who is not afraid to take the blame then you will be able to command people and use them for your advantage.

3. People don't believe in their own ideas. That is why they can't escape the rut they are in. They don't believe in their own ideas. They will dream of becoming something but they will not pursue it, they will not follow through, they will not bring their ideas into life. So if you believe in your own idea and make actions for it then it is very clear that you already have an advantage. You are one of these few people who will make it in life for fully believing in yourself.

4. You can play with everything. If you can treat life as a game then it will be very easy for you to love it and become successful. Treat it like a video game and that you are just playing with it. You are the main character of the video game and you keep on leveling up everyday. If you are very playful, fun and you can find the joy in everything then you have an advantage over the others. A lot of people were mad in their lives and they don't know how to play anymore that is why they can't enjoy their journey. They were full of depression and complaints and that is what they attracted everyday.

5. It's free to dream and take actions. It is one of your biggest advantage in life again... you are free to dream about anything and take actions to make it real. You can dream big or small, it is up to you. If you can dream it then you can have it for sure. You may not know the specific steps on how to get it but if you are willing to go for it relentlessly then one day it will be yours.

6. You have unlimited tries. I don't know why people will stop trying after failing the first or second try. Do they think that trying has limits? You can try as much as you can. You can even do one million tries and the world will still give you another chance after the other. Try as much as you can because it is free and you don't need to count the number of failures you have. Trying is one of your advantages so abuse it and become successful.

7. You are free to try everything. Try to become rich and popular, try to become kind, try to become strong, try to become generous, try to become the biggest person that you can be. You are free to try anything, you are just afraid to try it. No one is stopping you from trying so you shouldn't stop yourself from experiencing everything that you can experience. Just go an try it, try it while you still can because the moment you grow old and weak... you can never try everything anymore. Just try even if the results were not guaranteed.


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