December 22, 2016


There are some things that you must be willing to do to become successful. Some things that cannot be done by an ordinary individual. You have to do different and unfollow the traditional ways. You have to find methods that will give you an advantage. It can be anyway for as long as it is effective and is giving you a progress.

Because at the end of the day, it is not how you look that matters.. it is what you've accomplished.

1. WORK ON HOLIDAYS. Successful people never choose what day to work. They don't care if it is Christmas or New year. All they know is they have to work because they want to become successful. They never wait, they never take long vacations. You can celebrate holidays but you still need to work on that day. You will miss a lot of things if you will skip a day. Never skip a day, success will leave you and a large gap will occur if you take a long rest.

2. UNFOLLOW THE CROWD. Where the crowd goes, the mediocrity exist. Never do what most people do. Look at them, they are doing the same thing that is why they are getting the same results. Find what the crowd does and go to the opposite direction. If people 90 percent of people are working for a company, build your own company. If 90 percent of people are having liabilities... cut all of your loans and credit cards and save more money for assets. It is not about being arrogant and trying to become unique for nonsense reasons. The idea here is you already seen their results by their actions so you have to do different actions to produce different results.

3. DISCOVER YOUR OWN METHOD. There is nothing wrong in using your own method if it is really effective for you. You can become successful in your own unique and weird way. Again, you are not here to look cute and pretty, you are here to become successful regardless of how disgusting you look. Even if you look funny by using your own method, still use it. Focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses. Embrace looking stupid in the beginning because you will look great in the end. Never mind if they are making fun out of you because they don't know the real potential of your own method.

4. BE THE LEADER. You must be the leader. If you keep on following others then they will just use you as an instrument for their own success. You will just be a material and you can be thrown out anytime they want to. Be the leader even if you only have one or follower, be the leader even if you are your only follower. Others are so afraid to lead that is why they were forced to follow what they don't want. They leave themselves no choice but to follow the commands of others and what did they get in the end? NOTHING. The were being used and they are ok with it.

5. EMBRACE BOREDOM. Accept it, you will have a boring life if you want to embrace success. You can't always go to concerts or sports game if you want to become successful. You have to focus more on doing your own thing and building your own empire. You will work for millions of hours by yourself because you need to produce results. You need to have a tremendous focus and repetition to become great at something to know what your strengths and capabilities are.


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