December 15, 2016


Everyone will experience being stuck in a mud or having no progress. Everyone will experience a sudden bump along the road. You too, no matter how great you are or how invincible you are... you will still experience some problems that will make you depressed, slow or worried. This is not a unique problem, even the great ones experienced it. But it is not how big or small your problem is, it is how you react and deal with it. It is how you cope with it and how you find the solutions to overcome it. Anyway, if you are stuck in a mud right now, here are the things that you need to do to forge a progress.

1. Fake a belief. Of course if you are stuck in a mud, your positive belief will turn into a negative. There will be a new belief that will occupy your mind that is not helpful. What you need to do is fake a belief, you should think about something that you wanted to happen and believe in it even if it is hard to. If you keep on entertaining thoughts that are not helpful then you will not be able to forge a small progress. Just entertain a thought that will make you feel better and stick with it, soon you will see that you are already taking actions.

2. Look for the easiest action that you can execute. Some people who were hit by a rock cannot move or make progress because they were always thinking about standing up right away and getting things back to normal so fast. And when they can't see that everything is fine again, they go back being depressed again. That is not how to deal with life, you have to find the easiest thing to do first, don't try to solve your problem in one day because you might get crazy by doing that. Dissect your problems and solve the easier part first before trying to solve the whole problem.

3. Don't think, just make actions. You are thinking too much that is why you cannot do anything. You are thinking about how to make it right, what if you are wrong, how can you do better next time and any other bullshits that are just making you slow and problematic. Just do something and don't think too much. Do something that will change your position.

4. Solve it yourself. Don't ask for help or any assistance. Help will come naturally if you really wanted to make progress. Asking for help will only make you slow because you are giving your strength to other people. Solve it yourself so you have the total control in any situation. Asking for help will just make you very dependent, what if their kind of help is not what you are expecting? you will just be disappointed. Solve it yourself and decide for all the steps needed to make a progress.

5. Continue what you are doing for 21 straight days. Consistency is the best way to make a progress. Keep doing what you are doing for 21 straight days and you already made a tremendous progress. You may not see it if you're expectations were too high, but if you are appreciative of every single action that you did then you will feel that you are really doing good in life.

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