December 09, 2016


It feels bad if someone owes you money but they are not paying it. While they are still courting you to lend them some, they were very kind, respectful and you will feel the sincerity in their words. Of course you will believe them and trust them. You wanted to help someone and you will feel guilty if you didn't reach your hand to someone.

But when the deadline of the payments comes, the money borrowers will wear their gears. They will use anger as a defense mechanism. They will act like you are disturbing them. They will even let you feel that you are bad because they still don't have the money and you are there asking them to pay. They will let you feel that you making their lives even miserable.

There are some ways how to get your money back, actually there are lot of ways. But these 5 ways are the most effective ones, try some of these and get your money back like a boss:

1. Treat them cold. When you see the person who borrows money from you and it's already been 5 months since the deadline have passed... treat him cold, when you see him at the group gathering... don't talk to him, don't smile at him. Make him feel that he has done something bad, make him feel guilty. Don't laugh at his jokes. When he talks to you just answer him with few words. And when he ask you is there something wrong... ask him when is he going to pay? that son of a bitch will be stunned especially if some people hears your conversation.

2. Make dramas too. Tell him that your dog is sick and that you need your money for the veterinarian's checkup. Tell him that you have a cancer or something. Just tell him the worst stories that you can invent so he will feel guilty and he will return your money. Remember.. he is the first one who told lies just to get some money so it's time to return the favor.

3. Pretend that you are angry too. Threatened him with a high tone of your voice. You must have the ability to scare him so he will return your money. Make him feel that you are really angry and that you are not joking anymore. Tell him that you will call a police or you will file a case if he didn't propose something that will make your head colder.

4. Punch his conscience. Tell him that you work hard for that money and that is the last money that you have. Tell him that you trusted him and that you don't wanted to ruin your friendship just because of money (if the friendship really exist). Make him feel bad, make him feel that you are really in need of your money and you need it right away. That thick faced borrower will bend a little bit and may borrow some money from other people just to pay you.

5. Tell the closest person to him that he owes you some money. Tell it to his mother, tell it to the closet people in his life so he will be embarrassed. You need to make this person feel something so he will move, you need to let him feel that you are serious in getting your money back. His mother may even own his obligation and pay the money to you because of embarrassment.

Never be shy to ask for your money back because you work hard for it. If you don't want to have problems in money then it is better not to lend someone in the future. Don't ever feel guilty about it. Everyone has 24 hours of time each day and it is their fault if they are not doing something in their lives to avoid borrowing money from other people.

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