December 19, 2016


There are some things that you don't know about life or maybe you already knew it, it just happens that you are not giving importance to it and you are so busy doing other things that are not helping you to achieve a better life. Life is very short so if you will not use it wisely, you will miss a lot of things.

1. You can play with life. You can do anything with your life, you can play with it but make sure your game will not hurt yourself. It is a game but it is not all about winning. You will lose at some times but that is the beauty of life. If you will keep on winning everyday then your life will become very boring, you will not feel the fun anymore because fun can be felt on losing and then coming back stronger. Life will reward you very well if you can play it correctly. Know the rules of life and how it is played and you will have a lot of fun. And one more thing, stop playing it to the point where you might get killed. Play the game that will make you proud in the end if you succeed.

2. You can try everything. You can experience everything if you will try. You can try to become a king or you can also try to become a slave. A lot of people don't know that trying is free and it is unlimited. They will never try to achieve something because they thought that once they fail... they can never try again and become a winner next time. They will just try for once and when they don't succeed... they will quit.

3. Failing will not kill you. It will not even make you poor, all the failing does is make you stronger and wiser. People were so afraid to fail because it makes them feel bad. Well, you should be happy if you fail because it will make you a better person. Failing will give you instant knowledge and experience. It is your approach towards failing that will mold your future. If you feel so bad about it and you get depressed then no person will be able to help you and correct your mind. But if you feel happy after failing and you are still hopeful then sky is the limit for you, you will succeed in the future.

4. Your time is always running. No matter what you do, even if it is fun or boring... time is still running. You can't stop it. It is running even if you are sleeping, it is running even if you are working. It is very fast so you better use it for more productive things. You better use it to make your life better. No matter what you do, it is still the same, your time is getting lesser and lesser everyday.

5. Every action is the right action. Whatever it is that you do, if it is about your dreams and goals... it is right. No method is wrong if it is about your dreams. Every action will guide you to the more right action. The more you take steps, the more you chances of winning. So execute every action that pops out from your head... it will give you clues, it will give you results.