December 26, 2016


Having your own business is a great advantage, your income will depend on how hard you work, how large is your network and what kind of value are you giving to your customers or followers. Basically your success depends on you, it has nothing to do with connections or luck. You will be happier if you have your own business because you are your own boss, you can manage your time and you can do anything you want, you can attend any events because you don't need to ask for permission from anyone if you don't want to work. 

Starting your own business is very simple, you only need little money, you only need one month of your annual salary and you can build a very good business that is truly yours and will operate at your own command. 

1. Leave your present work. A part time business will never succeed, you should make it full time and you should focus your time on it. Focus all of your energies and always take it seriously. Treat your business like your life depends on it so it will become successful for sure. Don't be afraid to take the risk because building your own is the best risk you can ever have. You will never fail if you will give you life for it and take every action needed for its growth. Treat it like a do or die situation and you will be able to find ways how to become successful during times of hardship.

2. Start a business that has a deep connection with your personality. Don't start a business just because everyone is getting rich from it. If you can't enjoy doing the process for it then you will fail in the end. Don't think about getting a lot of money so fast. The success should be gradual and not an instant success. Choose something that you really love and will make you do something for it everyday. It needs to to have something that resonates with your passion. 

3. You should have an emergency money. If you will start your own business, you should not only have the capital, you should also have an emergency money. Business is not all about being brave and making it so fast. Of course numerous adversities will hit you and you have to be prepared for that. You should survive for at least 2 months even though your business is not doing well. You must have an emergency money for your bills, foods and basic needs so you will be able to survive your business for a long time. Let's say you have to keep at least $10,000 for your emergency money and once you spend some of it... you should return the amount you've spend once you earned something from your business. You should always maintain that amount so you will have the confidence and security to continue your business. Any business will do fine if the owner of it feels secured and out of danger. 

4. Try to expand if you see an opportunity. Always try to expand, try something new if you think your business is not growing. Try to do something different that will give you a chance to become more successful. If you feel that your business is stuck in a mud, do something different, do something that will give you an edge from the competition.  

5. Have a very strong pride in your own business. Be proud of your business, nurture it and protect it. Treat it as your only source of living and never give up just because things are not going on your way. Testify that you will never close your business as long as you are alive. Do something to make it stronger everyday and never treat it as a joke. Be very serious about it so serious success will come to you.  

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