December 16, 2016


You have to be really disciplined in order to produce something. Being disciplined is better than being talented. There are lots of so called "talented people" who were not disciplined and cannot even produce small results. Discipline will produce consistency, it will build habits to make you a better person that is trustworthy and can be someone to go to during crunch time or critical period.

If you are a person with strong discipline then you have nothing to worry about because you will have a better life, you will create very good decisions that will put you in a better spot. You will do what is needed and you will never do stupid things that will only make you slower and poorer.

Anyway, if you are an undisciplined I have here the list of things that may help you. Do these things and you will have a very strong discipline that will change your attitude to help you to achieve rapid success in life.

1. Set a big goal. Set a big goal, something that is very hard to achieve. A big goal that will force you to become consistent and strong willed. A goal that you will truly get no matter what because you want it so badly. Even if you are lazy and irresponsible before, if you have a big goal you will be forced to change yourself because having the right attitude is what you needed to achieve the goal that you want. You have no choice but to change.

2. Do something that you will do everyday. Find a an activity that you will do everyday, an activity with benefits like exercise, sports, business etc. Something that will give you progress. Make sure you will enjoy the activity that you will choose so you will have the endurance to do it everyday. You will have a strong discipline by practicing this method because consistency will be developed through excitement. You will be excited to wake up everyday and do the thing that you love that also gives you positive benefits in life. That excitement will make you do actions in order to get more and more benefits.

3. Set a weight limit. If you set a weight limit then you will become more disciplined too. You will be cautious of your weight and what you are eating. You will eat more healthy foods, you will give consideration to your health. It is either you maintain your weight if it is already acceptable or you trim it if you are over weight. Once you reached your desired weight, you have to maintain it and never increase it. Setting a weight limit is hard that is why a strong discipline is needed to achieve it. If you can get your desired weight then you already achieved discipline in some level.

4. Disconnect yourself from undisciplined people. If you are associating yourself with people who have no discipline then there is a tendency that you might copy their habits. You might copy their bad eating habits, tardiness, unable to follow commitments, unable to make small sacrifices and any other things that requires trust. You will become a bum too who can't keep his promise. So stay away from people with no discipline because you will also live the way they live.

5. Push yourself. You have to do it no matter what. If you set a goal, you have to push yourself to the limits to attain it. You have to feel uncomfortable. Discipline is painful and hard so the best way to become one is push yourself and forget about hardship and pain. Push yourself until you mastered being disciplined and doing uncomfortable things is automatic to you.

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