December 21, 2016


Authority, it is one of the most powerful words that you should incorporate to yourself if you wanted to become successful, I mean really successful. Having the authority means having the freedom to do what you want, it means being loose and taking actions that will put you in a better position.

Either the authority was given to you or you work hard for it. It can be given to you if you have a lot of connections or influences, you will get it easily and act like a boss right away even if you haven't prove anything yet. But what if no one can give it to you? you still have a choice, you have to work super hard and be the best in your field. You can be the authority if you can carry people on your back, if you can win games, make big money or make a very huge impact. You can command them and let the momentum flow according to your liking.

Some people were not better than you, they just knew they have the authority so they can do more and be more. Stephen Curry's dribbling ability is not unique, some people can dribble like that too but they don't have the authority, they don't have the confidence, they were so afraid of making mistakes that is why they can't express themselves.

Has it ever happened to you where you see someone not better than you but making it big? You will say to yourself "I can do that too but why can't I do that? why can't I be like that person?" The answer is very simple, you are not authorized to be that person, you are not giving yourself the authority to become successful too. You don't have the confidence, you are so shy and conservative.

Some people are not even talented nor skilled but why are they thriving in life? they just give themselves the authority to become someone, they knew what the want and they knew how to get it, as simple as that.

How to have an authority:

1. Be yourself.  Don't copy someone, don't follow other person's path. Just be yourself and do what you think will make you successful. Follow your instincts, if you don't like it don't do it but always make sure, you will prove them in the end that you are right. Don't act like you're the boss if you can't produce any big results.

2. Don't be afraid to fail. All the failing does is make you smarter and stronger, don't be afraid of it. You might think that you don't get anything after failing but the truth is you've become a better person. Fail as many times as you can until you reach the top and become the authority. Failing will give you experience and confidence.

3. Persevere until you succeed. It is either you die trying or you succeed, you only have two choices. For sure you will not die for working hard so if you persevere... you will become an authority in the end. Climb the mountain and never look at the bottom, make as many steps as you can until you reach the top.

4. Express yourself without feeling guilty. Some people, after expressing themselves will feel guilty, they will think what if what they've done is wrong, what if people will not like them anymore. Hey burrito! wake up, this is your journey, forget about how other people feel. Focus on your progress and have no conscience in making decisions. If you already done it, move on the the next level and don't think about past anymore.


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