December 11, 2016


Change is a very powerful word. It has a lot of meaning even though you think it is simple. Change is always changing, it can never be permanent.

Change is not happening if the closest people in your circle didn't notice it, you will know that you've change if people around you were blown away by the transformation that you did. Change takes place in feeling pain and discomfort. You can't just say that "I will never smoke cigarette again" without feeling discomfort during the process of change.

They say change is a process, yes it is true, change is slow but there are some rare cases where you can change in an instant. Some people change for a few days or even months then will go back to their old self again. They will destroy themselves again with their old habits. It is sad because they've already change and then they will come back being a bum again. It is only a testament that change is really hard to do, even if you've change there is a chance that you will go back to your old self again if you are not strongly committed.

But just like I said earlier change can happen fast, it can happen in an instant, there are four major reasons why change happens so fast:

1. There is something that scared you badly. This happens to my father in law, he was a ruthless chain smoker before but when there is a tumor-like growing on his neck... he immediately stop smoking. The doctor told him that he must quit smoking or else his situation will get worse. And then he stopped smoking right away just after the doctor said it to him. No slow adjustments, no process. He immediately stop smoking because the tumor-like on his neck scared the shit out of him. And we are so happy and proud of him. He is a very good example that anyone can change right away if they really want it. No excuses, no thinking that it is hard. You just simply do it. It's 10 years from now and he never smoke again, even just for one cigarette.

2. You were inspired by a story. There are also some instances where someone was inspired by a story and it made their eyes open to see what is possible in their lives. They take that inspiration to do better things in life and make a difference.

3. You feel so guilty. You feel so guilty and your conscience is hunting you. This usually happens to criminals or someone who is doing an illegal activity. They change right away because they saw that a lot of people are suffering because of them.

4. You become sick and tired of your situation. You got sick and tired of feeling the same feeling over and over again, you got sick and tired of getting the same things again so you made a pledge to yourself that you will change your situation today. You got mad at yourself so you take relentless actions until  you become successful.

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